By Sreekanth

Good evening folks!! Hope you are having a great day. Today I am here with yet another common breakfast dish from Kerala. It is Appam.

Appam is very common in Kerala and especially in the southern part of the state. Appam is made with a batter consisting of Rice, Black gram, Grated coconut, Coconut water, Yeast and Sugar. Optionally toddy is added as well. Appam will have a bit of sweetness thanks to sugar and a bit of sourness if toddy is added.

Appam is made in a special utensil or pan which is called appa chatti. The appam will be very soft in the centre and the edges will be very crispy.

Appam will be delicious along with any spicy gravy like chicken curry or Bengal gram curry. Other famous combos are Appam and vegetable stew or Egg curry.

So next time you plan to visit the God’s own country don’t miss this delicacy.

Cost per Plate of Appam (2 Pieces): Rs. 40 to Rs. 70

Where to get:

  • Most of the restaurants in Kerala will serve this.