Are You an Ocean?

Are You an Ocean?

Are You an Ocean?

By Sakshi Shukla

Repeat the above question. Did you read it correctly?

Yes, you did.

Are you Ocean? The answer is definite NO. But in the inmost universe, YES YOU ARE.

Ever felt like doing it all? Or doing nothing on the extreme end? Might have, everyone, does. But did you ever give a thought of why does it happen so often?

Because you are an Ocean of Emotions.

With the bundle of scars becoming stars.

Wanting have more so you don’t have to sore.

With these words, you might have figured that what are oceans that we carry within. But now in addition to this, let us give a thought to what proportions of mixtures do we carry?

Every morning a fear to meet strangers at the workplace?

Every dawn a face of Anxiety?

Dinner can’t be gobbled properly because in rush and stress what would the day after would bring?

Balance out. Balance out your composition so well that when the reactions take place in the outside world, the outcome should be something that the world admire. Blossom so wide, that the garden smile. Don’t try to pull other’s leg down, you never know who might be planning yours.

Fill this ocean with positivity and not hate. Mistakes do happen. They are bound to. But what makes you bigger is your Forgiveness. As easy and simple as it sounds, it’s way hard to gulp down. But when acquired is the most succeeding quality in life.

Instead of discriminating yourselves superior than others, think of all as Humans, as brothers and sisters and observe the crime’s negative slope that will emit immense positivity.

Someone once said, who knew that even humans can gather courage to distort the humanity that was created by the power beyond. He created humans with a pure ocean within, and humans were and are the ones who polluted it.

Just like our environment, it depends on YOU and only You whether you want it be clean and clear which radiates power to your inner self or to pollute it with the garbage around and live with it in forever damage.