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By Sreekanth


Good evening folks!! Hope you are enjoying the weekend. I am here with another dish which is common in Kerala. This is Ariyunda.

Ari means rice and unda means ball in Malayalam. So, Ariyunda is nothing but rice ball. This is made from roasted rice. Fried or roasted rice is grinded finely with cardamom, grated coconut and sugar. Then coconut water is poured into it and made into small ball or laddu shaped Ariyunda. This can be eaten even without making it into the ball shapes.

Ariyunda is usually home made and is very common in Kerala. There is another variety of this which is called avalose unda. I have seen a similar dish even in Andra which is called sununda.

The recipe is very simple and easy. So do try it out.

Cost per Packet of 200 Grams: Rs. 130- Rs. 170

Where to get:

  • Most of the bakeries in Kerala will be having this in their menu.