Betrayed by JIO?

Betrayed by JIO?

Betrayed by JIO?

By Sovesh & Pragathi

Promises are meant to be broken, and so did India's largest telecom service provider Jio. Launched in September 2016, Jio has surpassed the state-owned BSNL and other telecom giants like Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea, making it the most widely used services. When it was announced, people were in awe of the number of free services that the company provided. People thronged centres nearby to get their Aadhar linked and obtain a SIM that would help them connect to any other service provider for free. The tariffs charged by Jio was so less that other services operators had to introduce plans that were in par with it. When introduced, it mentioned that it would provide free voice calls forever.

Then, why this change? 

Every Jio user who makes a call to another service provider will now be charged 6 paise per minute. However, users get free voice calls if recharged on or before October 9th and will be free till the existing plan expires. So, the next time you recharge, you will be given a set of vouchers or plans from which you can choose. As a relief, Jio has announced that the calls made to another Jio user will be free. To make up for the charges and also to entice the customers again, it has announced 1GB data for certain amount spent on voice calls to another network. 

Also, these charges are applicable until TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) nulls the interconnect usage charges, which is nothing but the charges that will be applicable to the operator trying to connect to another service provider. Although Jio was aware of all the charges that will be laid, the decision comes after there has been no fixed date as to when the interconnect usage charges will be zero, in contradiction to the prior mentioned date as January 1st 2020. 

Don't you feel that this is not the only change?

Prior to the charging for calls, there have been many several issues regarding Jio network. From wrong connections to decremental in the network, we have faced a lot of issues, but who do we blame for this? Jio company or ourselves. I think ourselves because we went behind the offers without understanding the bad consequences. Today, since many of us have already started using the Jio as a primary number, so now there is no way left rather filling the pockets of Mr Ambani.

Do you think that we are betrayed? If so, then why not stand against it.

On the whole, all that we can do is to wait and watch as to how customers will take this move. Apart from the fact that it has been facing criticism, you can see people boycotting the operator or at least sending a message saying so.