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By Sreekanth

Good evening folks!!Hope you are having a great weekend so far. I am here with another dish which is popular and common across all over the world. It is Hamburger or Burger.

Burger’s origin is not clear for anyone but one thing is sure it is a western dish. Usually burger will have two buns, usually sesame buns and some filling inside. The filling is usually patties of meat. The patties could be chicken or beef. The meat could be usually fried, grilled or smoked. Along with patties some vegies like lettuce, onion, tomato etc are used in the filling.

Apart from these mayonnaise and cheese are also used in the filling. The burger which uses cheese is usually called cheese burger.

Burger will be usually served with French fries and tomato sauce.

Cost for a Chicken Burger: Rs. 90 to Rs.200

Where to get:

  • Burger King Outlets
  • KFC Outlets
  • Mc Donald’s Outlets