Cages We call Life

Cages We call Life

Cages: We call Life

By - Sonam Desai

Ever seen a bird in a cage? Without its true nature, without its true surrounding, a bird is nothing but a mere ghost of a living being, isn’t it what all of us has become? Caged in our hallucinations of a perfect life, a definition which changes every day according to someone else’s ideas. An experience we all dream of and die working for it, without actually being able to live it. A cage we let conjure upon us, a cage we allow other’s ideas of perfectly doomed design of life, what other’s do with their time isn’t really what we should really care about, but how come it is only of what other’s think of us becomes our one true goal to be achieved?

Cages have always been a fear of ours; we fear being trapped inside a tiny little place to be left to be rotten till we vanish, but isn’t that fear exactly what we fear of? Isn’t that scared self within us already caged? We do not let ourselves do what our inner selves are shouting. Instead, we do what the others shout out loud outside, streets full of strangers, houses full of strangers teach us to be us, they claim to know you and then completely ruin you, and well you? You can do everything to stop it, but instead, you chose to let them win. Because that’s what life is all about right? Being caged until you are buried for good? 

Well no, you were designed to fly, you were designed to dream of a sky without limit, why do you want to be caged like a ghost when you can be free and see what a beautiful world it is? Get up, break the ties that hold you back, open your wings and fly off that cliff, that cliff only offers you limited, until you fly you will be nothing but trapped. Take more chances, break more ties, and be free, because no afterlife exists; it's only now or never!