Drumstick Leaf Dal Curry!!

Drumstick Leaf Dal Curry!!
Rice and Drumstick Leaf Curry

Drumstick Leaf Dal Curry!!

By Sreekanth

Good evening folks!!Finally yet another weekend is here. So, what are the plans? As usual I am here with yet another dish. It is Drumstick leaf dal curry.

Have you ever heard of a curry made of drum stick leaves? It is very common in my native. This curry is made with drum stick leaves and dal. Dal is cooked first, then drum stick leaves are put into this and cooked. Once the leaves are properly cooked a paste of grinded coconut and green chillies are added in to the curry and heated until it boils. Finally, it is seasoned with mustard.

This is usually home made and you won’t get it in restaurants. This goes very well with rice. This is very tasty and healthy as well.

The recipe is pretty much simple and straight forward. So please try this one on your own if you have drum stick leaves available to you.

Cost is not worth mentioning as it is usually homemade.

Where to get:

  • These are usually homemade.