Havana -- A Haven of Culture

Havana -- A Haven of Culture

Havana -- A Haven of Culture

By Shruti Menon

There’s more to Cuba that Camilla Cabello’s hit song Havana— but it’s still as vibrant as the song is, if not more so. Cuba is an island in the Carribean, off the coast of Florida, USA, that’s been through quite a lot , but now has sufficiently recovered and is thriving, making it the ideal time to visit Cuba. Havana is Cuba’s capital, so it’s the place to see if you want to know Cuba. 

When in Havana, you’ve got to see the historic Habana Vieja. This is old Havana, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. It’s picturesque, quaint, and whimsical, because of the preservation of the spirit and the area. Regardless of all that Cuba’s been through, it stays strong today because of the will of the people, and faith in their Cuban identity. And what better way to get to know this Cuban spirit than a walk through the main city, the El Malecon? You can observe the daily bustling of Havana, and catch a beautiful view of the bay too. Look into the Camara Oscura in the Old town, for a cool view of the entire city that’s sure to enthrall. 

Be sure to explore the Plaza de Armas, which has evolved with the times in Havana, and has a really interesting history behind it. The Castillo de la Real Fuzera is another building of historical significance, which was once a fort but now is an incredible maritime museum. The Plaza de la Revolucion is an iconic symbol, a must-see. 

Havana’s got a thriving business in rum and cigars, and if you’ve looked around and observed the locals closely enough, you’ve probably seen them partake in this culture too. You can visit a live cigar factory, and the Havana Club Rum factory for a cool behind the scenes experience on these items’ manufacturing. 

If you’re a Beatles or a John Lennon fan, the John Lennon Park may be a fun visit— it’s got a cool story behind John Lennon’s glasses, and is a great place to just chill at. 

Havana’s like this— it’s a city meant for everyone, but it’s soldered onto its roots and its Cuban spirit and culture that it’ll leave you after your trip with a bit of Cuba inside you. It’s a beautiful place, with an even more beautiful culture, everyone should get a chance to visit at least once in their lives!