Is Happiness proportional to Wealth?

Is Happiness proportional to Wealth?

Is Happiness proportional to Wealth?

By Deshna Mohanty

Once, there lived a wise saint who was very profound and well known. People from all walks of life, including the ministers and Kings, used to visit him.

Once it so happened that a king decided to visit the saint. As soon as he saw the saint's house, he was surprised because it was small and not very spacious. Upon entering the house, the king was even more surprised as the house had very few amenities.

The king couldn't stop himself from asking the saint about it. He went on saying, "You are so famous and respected. Why don't you have too many belongings of yours?" To this, the saint replied, "I am just a normal saint. But you are the great king. Where are all of your belongings?"

The king was surprised at this question and answered saying, "But I'm just a visitor." To this, the saint explained, "I too am just a visitor."

The world is mortal. All of us are just visitors here.

A person's value shouldn't be just determined by how much he earns or what his bank balance figures are. Most people consider rich people to be happy. But that's not it. People who are rich, want to become richer and richer want to become the richest of all. We have come into this world with nothing, and we shall leave without taking anything with us.

If we live our lives as the saint did, then we will remain happy in all aspects of life. There's no need of wealth or fame. We will be content with ourselves.