Is Smoking a Silent Killer?

Is Smoking a Silent Killer?

Is Smoking a Silent Killer?

By Sakshi Shukla

Is it? Came across any such cases? I suppose, might have. But was it a silent killing?

Today I’m here to elaborate the harmful dangerous effects of that particular activity known as smoking on a regular nourished human body as well as his delicate mind. It not only harms our health but also drains our purse.

Most of the people living in villages, small towns are majorly poor people. Already they find it difficult to meet the bare necessities of life, it becomes all the more difficult if they indulge in serious ruining activities such as drinking, smoking and wasting their highly required money. This highly irresistible addiction i.e. smoking is a silent killer. It affects all the vital organs of a human body, which can give breath taking outcomes, that is literal lung cancer. With damaging the essentially important arteries of our heart.

These facts have been stated because some smokers think that smoking is a stimulant. They won’t go against it. They say that it makes them feel more alert and clearer headed. They feel that after smoking they can focus on their work in a better way but all this is merely an illusion and we know it.

The paradox with smoking is that at one dose it stimulates at another it soothes. And ultimately the efficiency of a smoker falls far below that of a non-smoker. There is another note, it is not only the smoker who harms himself by smoking; he harms even those who are around him and those who aren’t even smoking. The exhaled puff of tobacco smoke is inhaled by the others who happen to be around, thus knowing-unknowingly, intentionally-unintentionally they become passive smokers and suffer almost as much as the active smoker do.

So, it will be in your own interest as well as in the interest of those among whom we live that we give up our habit of smoking. It’s a white and black situation either give up your loved ones or give up that small role of paper filled with life killing substance.