It’s All Relative

It’s All Relative

It’s All Relative

By Gauri Sachan

The very first question that comes into the mind when we talk about rape is, “why are rapes so common in India?” 

Slight correction there. Rape is not common. To a woman, rape is a life long embarrassing state of mental and social torture mixed with pain, suffering and disgust. So hold my cup, and let me show the light.

India is experiencing a tremendous gender gap increase from the past few years. Actually, a decade. As this ratio is increasing, more and more women are getting raped. Again, a correction. More and more females are getting raped. Ranging from an 18-month baby to an 89-year-old grandmother, they all are victims. For every 1000 men, there are just 990 females(which includes infants, young girls, teenagers, adults, women, older women everyone).

And moreover, men of every age group look forward to quenching their lusty thirst by raping these females. So age issue, not a problem any more. They just need a hole.

Call it the lust of men or blame women’s clothes. Its all in the mentality of the person who judges the situation from the background, not the foreground. Had that person been in that situation, he/she would have a different perspective of it. It’s not the CLOTHES. A woman in salwar kurta and a woman in a skirt. They all get raped. So #samaajic aunties stop blaming clothes, you might be the next victim. If shorter clothes intimidate men, then it’s their fault, not the women’s. And reality checks to the people who think shorter clothes are not ethnic. If women start wearing lehangas, cholis, ghagras and saree, they will get raped more. Because, even though you cover up her legs, but our “ethnic” tops are “revealing”, and also they got a hole, so it’s easy to rape them. Second reality check, women in burkha and women in pant, the shirt also get raped. So blaming fashion sense of someone, is useless and pointless. 

Despite having strict laws, women get raped. So maybe its time for you samaajic aunties start training your son, on how not to get turned on by seeing a woman. And to ask for her consent if he wants to have sex. Don’t rape.