KPOP- Verse I: BTS

KPOP- Verse I: BTS

KPOP- Verse I: BTS

-By Gauri Sachan

Let’s stop calling it music for once. Because it’s no longer just music. It's an emotion. An emotion, which actually brings the whole world together. Korean Pop or better known as Kpop is a genre, originated in South Korea. With BTS, Girl’s Generation, EXO, H.O.T, Super Juniors, BlackPink being some of the most famous groups who spread the Hallyu Wave, all over the world. When Psy came out with Gangnam Style in 2012, the world started to take a closer look over the Koreans.

Initially, Gangnam Style was thought to be the only best thing in Korea, that hit the world. However, when Bangtan Soneyodan(Bulletproof Boys Scout), who made their debut in 2013, came out with Blood Sweat Tears in 2017, it broke all the records. From winning the “Top Social Artist” Award in Billboard 2017, by defeating famous singers like Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Justin Beiber, and Selena Gomez. They swept the award with 300 Million votes. Their Fandom, better known as A.R.M.Y(Adorable Representative MC for Youth), broke the records, for being the biggest fanbase and became famous for their incredible fan chants and cheers.

From being diverse in all kinds of music, be it ballad or hip-hop, from being incredible dancers to being incredible vocalists and rappers. This group has got it all. Alongside the collaborations with many famous people, like Steve Aoki, Halsey, and Nicki Minaj, BTS has also been declared as the Youth Ambassadors under the Korean and Japanese Committee of UNICEF for their LOVE MYSELF campaign.

Keeping aside their fame and abilities, BTS started off as a vulnerable band. Signed under BigHit Entertainment, the 7 members suffered a lot of trouble and went through a great dilemma, while trying to make their name in the music industry. These 16-year-old kids, who now have the world’s biggest fanbase, were once on the verge of disbanding.

The 7 members, RapMonster being the leader and rapper, Taehyung is better known as V, J-hope the eloquent dancer, Jimin singer, and dancer, Suga being the rapper, Jin the vocalist and Jugkook is the youngest(Maknae) member of the group. After dragging themselves throughout their troublesome days they finally got a break with Blood Sweat Tears, which made them the most loved band ever. From Rags to Red Carpet, they won the hearts of the whole world through their talent. Their songs like Spring Day, Butterfly and Run, brought about the change in the lives of every fan. People who supported the Love Yourself album and the Love Myself campaign gave a statement, that BTS is not just Music it's an emotion that completely describes our character, nature and our colorful love for others.

Being a kpop fan especially an A.R.M.Y, I can go on and on about kpop forever. But I got to stop before I start to become annoying and make you stop reading this reading. So dogja yeoleobun-eul salanghabnida. Annyeong.(난 당신을 사랑합니다, 안녕)