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By Sreekanth

Good evening folks!! Hope you are having a great day. Today I am here with another drink which is popular in India. It is Lassi.

Lassi is a yogurt or curd-based drink. It is originated in Indian subcontinent. Lassi could be salt or sweet. But when you say lassi the sweet one comes into mind.

The salty one is prepared by mixing curd or buttermilk with salt. Where as the sweet varieties are made by adding sugar or fruit juices into the yogurt. Some of the lassis will be rich in butter as well. The varieties of lassis vary from mango lassi to dry fruit lassis.

This will be very thick and consistent and will be served normally in a huge glass. So, this will be more than enough to fill your stomach.

So, until the next time I am here with another dish relish the taste of lassi.

Cost per glass of sweet lassi: Rs. 60 to Rs. 90

Where to get:

  • Punjabi Affairs, Hyderabad
  • Lassi Corner, Hyderabad