Lemon Soda!!

Lemon Soda!!
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Lemon Soda!!

By Sreekanth


Good evening folks!! Finally, the weekend is here. What are the plans guys? I am here with one of ever loving and very famous drink. It is nothing but Lemon Soda.

Does Lemon soda need an introduction? It is served in the smallest road side shop to the top-rated restaurants. Lemon soda could be prepared very easily. It need salt, sugar, half lemon and one glass of pure soda. Squeeze lemon in to a glass, pour soda and put salt, sugar or both.

It is a must have item for me after any heavy meal. Lemon soda could be sweet, salty or combination of both.

I know all of you know what it is and where to get it. So, rush to the nearest shop and have one lemon soda.

Cost per Glass of Lemon Soda: Rs. 10- Rs. 40

Where to get:

  • Most of the smallest shops and even the reputed restaurants will serve you lemon soda.