Man-Built Cages For Humans

Man-Built Cages For Humans

Man-Built Cages For Humans

-By Nilanjana Sen

Through our childhood, adolescence and young adulthood, we try to figure out the mystery behind marriages. We see people change drastically, for better or for worse, through their journey with another person. We see divorces, infidelity, and violence in some. While in others, we see love, compassion, respect, faith, and friendship. No matter how many types of marriages we encounter, we remain clueless about their mechanism. Does this feeling go away after getting married? I think not.

In all candor, I admit that I don't really understand the institution of marriage. Not the weddings - I get that. The weddings are all about the glamour and the glory that mask the real gory of the entire thing. It's like feeding the goat before sacrificing it. So, yes, I get weddings, not what follows those.

What is marriage but a legal contract to make more humans? People say that marriages are supposed to be holy, but I don't see the priests getting married. Then again, are the priests holy?

Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with one person? From a distance, it might seem that with the person you love, even things as mundane as groceries would turn romantic and fun. However, it is not true. Your head is clouded with the wrong notions about marriage, mostly due to clichéd movies. When you are stuck in one room with the same person, day in and day out, even bar hopping would turn boring. This is why lives after marriages turn into train wrecks. This is why people cheat, for, in a world where existential crises hit every day of a week, every human feels the need for a change.

We capture exotic birds and lock them in cages, for their angelic voice or their nasal tone of mocking other people or for how they flap their wings, spread their tails and dance about. We capture them and keep them in cages, forever or at least until they die or slip away. Humans do that to other beings and then have the same done to themselves - through marriage.

We call ourselves as free as doves, but we know we are not fooling anyone. Neither are those doves free nor are we.