Milk Shake!!

Milk Shake!!

Milk Shake!!

By Sreekanth


Good evening folks!! So, it is Monday again. Hope you started the week well. Today I am here with another dish which is common across India. It is Milk shake.

I think most of you know the milk shake very well. This is a drink which is mainly milk based as the name suggest. The milk usually used in milk shake is frozen milk which will help in increasing the thickness of milk shake. Another main ingredient used is plantain or banana, this also will increase the thickness of the shake.

Next is the ingredient used to give the respective flavour to milk shake. Fruits like mango, pineapple, strawberry etc can be used for this. Even chocolate bars such as KitKat, snickers etc. are also used. Boost, Horlicks etc can also be used for this. Sugar is added according to the taste.

Cost for a glass of Milk shake: Rs. 80 to Rs. 120

Where to get:

  • Most of the juice bars across the country will be serving this