No Bra Day - Aware Of It ?

No Bra Day - Aware Of It ?

No Bra Day - Aware Of It?

-By Sovesh and Pragathi

The word cancer activates our nerves whenever we hear it, it's something more dreadful than the word itself. Amongst them, we can say breast cancer has been gaining its numbers, affecting 1in 38 women. What's more interesting is that along with this, there has been an incredible amount of progress in the number of survivors, as there are breakthrough technological advances. 

With internet access now in the nook and corner of India, women must know the symptoms and as well a significant amount of knowledge should be instilled in them. Where do we start then? From school yes! We want the school going girls to be aware of what it is and how it will be affecting. Giving them a piece of knowledge on it would not harm them or affect them, instead, they would be much careful and help in reaching out to a wider audience. Awareness about it and the need for screening reduces the risk. It's always best to get it checked after your cycle ends.

October 13th is celebrated as no bra day to promote the awareness of breast cancer. Women are encouraged to abstain from wearing a bra. Originated in Toronto, Canada as an initiative from Dr. Mitchell Brown, it, later on, went on to be named as no bra day, specifically to promote self-examination, awareness and the need for early detection.

We see so many survivor stories that inspire us at the same time tell us some of the grueling medical sessions that they undergo. Research related to it is on, revealing different types of it. It not only affects women but in rare cases it affects men too. We need to be informed about our bodies beforehand rather undergo treatments that are deadly than the disease itself.

Many such campaigns are started and only a few follow it or maybe just post it. We need to get to a point in time where no bra day is just in history and we need not keep a day just for being aware of breast cancer instead, we can be proactive and get the screening done. Breast cancer is mostly seen in women and is second when compared to lung cancer. So, the next time, maybe a few years down the lane, hoping that the #nobraday gets archived and women are self-assured that they would not need an awareness campaign for looking after their body, wish you a no bra day !!