No Discrimination on Contact List

No Discrimination on Contact List

No Discrimination on CONTACT LIST

By Sovesh Mohapatra

In this world of discrimination, there is just one place where unknowingly we don’t segregate this beautiful society into several categories based on races, colours, creeds and what not. Coming from a middle-class family, I have always faced the same discrimination from my rich pals. However, they tend to discriminate me physically, but until now, they must have never thought about discriminating there.

Can you Guess where none is discriminated?

Is it at God’s house? No. Is it at the King’s palace? Again, a big No. Then where it is?

Interestingly, it is in our CONTACT LIST on the mobile phone. Have you ever thought of discriminating there? I don’t think so. Everyone is the same in that list. From the President to the Daily Labourer, the only place where life shows the reality, and humanity is still present is that CONTACT LIST.

Today, I was swiping up and down through my contact list. I saw many with whom I could never think of having a supper. I paused for a second, but why can’t I have a supper. Is it because of me or the society in which I am living? I realized the problem is not with the society because when we are discriminating at our individual levels and again collectively, we blame the society for the discrimination, and this is where the real problem lies.

To conclude, I would say a wonderful quote by one of the great world leaders – Mahatma Gandhi “Be the Change, You want to see in the World.”