Our Team

 Sovesh Mohapatra
 (Founder & Editor)

Sovesh Mohapatra is someone who is a perfect example of the adage "Age is just a number". He has been awarded the National Exceptional Achievement Award by the President of India for his unconventional ways of thinking and writing skills. He has authored two books which are published worldwide. He has been recently awarded the YONO SBI 20under20 for Best Author & Scientist.


 Sonam Desai
(Content Writing Head)

Sonam Desai is someone who is a keen writer and always loves to share her unparallel thoughts with the world. She is an experienced content writer and designer.






Pragathi Prasanna
(Marketing Head)
Pragathi Prassana is the one who believes in working rather than speaking. She has made possible to get the maximum crowd with her marketing team and in addition to those, she also looks over with the content & poster designing part. 


 Sreekanth N K
(Food Blog Head)

Sreekanth has started blogging because of his love for food and his interest in trying different cuisines. He started his writing through zomato reviews and then extended it into different platforms.He works for prominent Tech company and he writes food blogs out of passion.He is the one who handles food blogs for us.



Shivam Tiwari
(Digital Marketing Head)
Shivam is one who hones a brilliant attitude and always finds brilliant ideas for digital marketing. He looks over the complete marketing section which is done digitally starting from the SEO to other necessary stuff. He is a real example of a champion who understands and knows how to carry a team well.