Parippu Vada!!

Parippu Vada!!
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Parippu Vada!!

By Sreekanth

Good evening folks!! Hope you are having a great day. I am here with another famous snack from my Native. It is Parippu Vada.

Parippu Vada is one of the most popular evening snacks from Kerala. Parippu means Dal in Malayalam. So, this is a Vada made from Dal. The dal is soaked for some time to make it soft. Then the dal, curry leaves, ginger, onion and green chilly are crushed to form the mix. The mix is then made into small round disc shape using hands and deep fried in oil.

This will be very rough on the outside appearance. Parippu Vada will be very spicy. Another version of this like rasa Vada, sambar Vada are also available. In these varieties the Vada is soaked in respective rasam or sambar gravies while serving.

Parippu Vada with a glass of black tea is one of the most popular, ever-loving and classic combo of the God’s own country.

Cost per Piece of Parippu Vada: Rs. 7- Rs. 15

Where to get:

  • Most of the tea points, snack bars and restaurants in Kerala will serve this.