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By Sreekanth

Good evening folks!!Yet another weekend is over. Hope you had a great one. So, today I am here with another dish which is famous in Kerala. It is Pazhamkanji.

Pazhamkanji is nothing but the rice gruel from the previous day. The literal meaning of pazhamkanji in Malayalam is also the same. This one is pretty common in olden days and was the food of the poor in old days. Water at room temperature is poured into the boiled rice left over after dinner. This will get fermented over night and will make a change in taste as well.

Pazhamkanji is usually served along with some chutney like coconut chutney or mango chutney. Another common thing is chillies and curd. Tapioca and fish curry are also a classic combo for pazhamkanji.

Even though it was a dish of the poor in the past, it is very popular now a days and there are restaurants which are meant only for pazhamkanji.

Cost for a Plate of Pazhamkanji: Rs. 40 to Rs.70

Where to get:

  • Kantharis, Mangalapuram, Trivandrum
  • Pazhamkanji Kada, Trivandrum