By Sreekanth

Good evening folks!! Hope you are having a great day. I am here with another dish which is very popular from Kerala. It is Pothichor.

Pothichor is actually the normal Kerala meals. What makes it different is the way it is packed. The meals are sealed in banana leaf. The banana leaf is wilted over fire and then the meals is packed in this.

Usually the meal will have one curry like sambar mixed in rice, then one pickle, fish fry, chutney (chammanthi), and a stir fry like beans, omelette and some meat like chicken. The smell of opening this square box of banana leaf itself will be highly nostalgic to most of the Malayalis as this will give a tempting aroma.

This is usually used for lunch boxes for the school going kids or for the people who are going for a trip or journey.

Cost for Pothichor is not worth mentioning as it is mainly home made

Where to get:

  • Ask any Malayali friend he will say it is home made.