Rihanna’s Reign

Rihanna’s Reign

Rihanna’s Reign

By Bhoomi Gupta

The star that needs no introduction. 

Rihanna started off with her first studio album ‘Music of the Sun’ that didn’t get much recognition and went on to albums like ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’, ‘Rated R’, ‘Unapologetic’ and her last one being ‘Anti’. 

Over time, as she kept on releasing more music and more albums, she opened herself up more and more throughout her discography. She brought unique music with her powerful vocals and also played with a few more genres. 

Her freeing and unapologetic attitude have gotten all of our eyes on her. 

With songs like ‘Don’t stop the music’, ‘All of the lights’, ‘Love the way you lie’, ‘We found love’ and SO. MANY. MORE., she has managed to gain a massive fan following. I mean, well deserved.

For now, she hasn’t released an album since 2016 and best believe everyone wants one and is absolutely pleading her for one. For the right reasons, obviously. Who doesn’t want more Rihanna?

While she hasn’t released new music, she started her now-iconic venture…

Fenty Beauty. She had the whole makeup community in shock. 

You’d ask why. 

Simply because with her first launch she didn’t hold back. 

Usually, new brands would put out a few products to test the waters.

That’s not how Rihanna functions, she put out a highlighter, skin sticks, foundations, a gloss, blotting powder, plus a range of beauty accessories. 

Skinsticks, that can be used for contouring, concealing, correcting or adding some shimmer to the face. Foundations with a wide range of colours to match every skin tone possible. 

This doesn’t seem like a lot. But it really is. With the range and the skin tones, her first launch spanned 91 products. This was in September, 2017. 

This launch was an obvious success because she, herself wanted this makeup to be for everyone, she wanted to be as inclusive as possible, she succeeded, instantly increasing her empire.

She hasn’t slowed down since then. 

While she keeps on producing more AMAZING and unique makeup on occasion. 

She went on to produce a THIRD brand, SavageXFenty. 

A lingerie brand varying from skinny to plus sizes (by now we know, no one is made to feel excluded from her brand), meant to make women feel sexier and confident than ever have. Her designs are unique and eye catching and no one can get enough. 

With all this major success, she now has an empire worth more than $600 million. 

AND she doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. 

P.S., we’ve heard that she might produce some music soon and WE. CANNOT. WAIT.