Shawai or Rotisserie Chicken!!

Shawai or Rotisserie Chicken!!
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Shawai or Rotisserie Chicken!!

By Sreekanth

Shawai or Rotisserie Chicken!!

Good evening folks!! Already in the weekend mood? Finally, the Friday evening is here. So, here I am with another dish which I have seen in Kerala but originated from Middle east. It is Shawai chicken.

Shawai chicken can be called as rotisserie chicken also. This is cooked in rotisserie with the oil from the chicken itself. This will be rotated in the rotisserie (rotary spit) for uniform distribution of the oil from chicken.

The chicken cooked this way will be very soft and considered to be healthy. This is so delicious if you have it with the mayonnaise. Usually Shawai is served with the Khubbus and mayonnaise. This chicken is used in many other dishes like shawarma.

This will be served as half or full plate. In half plate normally two big pieces of chicken will be served and will be more than enough for one.

Cost per half plate of Shawai: Rs.180 – Rs.220

Where to get:

  • Zam Zam– Palayam, Trivandrum
  • Most of the restaurants in Kerala