Solo Traveling: A Journey Towards Self Discovery

Solo Traveling: A Journey Towards Self Discovery

Solo Traveling: A Journey Towards Self Discovery

By Rhea B Varghese

As I board a bus to head towards my hometown, i always think of embarking on a solo journey to a place that has great food for my taste buds to relish it forever , ancient monuments and museums to relive its history , a great amusement park where I can experience the thrill of soaring high up in the sky and plunge into a deep dive. In a nutshell, it should be a journey worth remembering. 

Of course, it's up to you how you want to take those steps, you either march alone or tag a group of friends, you are bound to experience utmost fun and frolic, but in my opinion, there is no greater good than travelling with your self. 

To sum up the advantages real quick, you save a lot of money on transport as compared to travelling in a bunch,  you can experience the fun and thrill of hitchhiking, which comes with its own set of risks, but there are plenty of good Samaritans out on the road with whom you can share your stories, knowledge and experience. Road trips for life! 

Solo trips are a great way of experiencing each and everything that meets your eye. When you are in a group,  there often stirs up conflict about places to visit at the moment and activities to be done. You are the master of your own time where you can plan the activities accordingly and complete them at leisure. 

You can find some time to actually learn more about the history and culture of the place, what it is famous for and how its inhabitants earn their livelihood. It is a great way to interact with the locals, how they perceive life in general, and what you can learn from their culture. 

You can cultivate new skills altogether. If its a desert, you can learn and go-karting,  if its a hilly terrain, you will learn that there is more to hiking than just climbing for fun. You can learn basic film making and editing techniques to make a documentary or a vlog to cherish those moments for a lifetime.

 A solo trip gives you a glimpse of your own life. It gives you a chance to introspect and think about all the choices you have made all this while and provides clarity to your mind to sort out the pros and cons of any situation. It reflects deep down the soul and purifies your thought process, paving the way for a better you, a new you. 

When you finally pack your bags, taking with you all the memories, experiences and a different mindset, you leave behind your old self and get ready to embark on a different journey with a new persona altogether. Thus, you always start alone but come back with a better version of your self.