South Africa: Beyond Safari

South Africa: Beyond Safari

South Africa: Beyond Safari

By Shambhavi

Everyone associates travel to African countries with safari. Safari is an amazing part of the African experience, but not the only aspect. So, let’s explore the country of South Africa, where we avoid any mentions of lions, giraffes and crocodiles.

Now, demographically speaking, South Africa is quite diverse and culturally different. Even though the population is mostly of Bantu ancestry, there is also a collection of European, Indian and coloured ancestry. It, therefore, boasts of many religions, languages and cultures.

Stellenbosch is a good place to visit if Safari is not your thing. The city is a picturesque preserved town established by the Dutch East India Company. The white facades of the Dutch dwellings are storefronts for many of the country’s best restaurants and cafes. The city is the paradise for food lovers.

Another way to spend your African holiday is adventure sports and activities. It’s the only way to feel like an adrenaline junkie without any chance of actually dying. In and around Cape Town, you can cage dive with great white sharks, go bungee jumping, kite surfing, parasailing and sky diving. The city of Durban also has a legendary Golden Mile, a vast channel of stunning beaches which is a tourist hotspot. Laze around and tan in the stunning beaches of Durban, if you want to rest and relax during your vacation.

For the party people, the city of Johannesburg is the place to be. It is known for its mining roots; the city is now a hub for arts and culture. The Maboneng Precinct is the hippie area in the city. It boasts the funky cafes, entertainment venues, boho hotels and artsy shops. The Market Theatre is also the place to visit, as the complex hosts the finest productions and shows in all of South Africa.

For wine aficionados and amateur drinkers, South Africa is an underappreciated gem when it comes to wines. The Safari you want to take is the Wineland Safari. Rather than spotting lions, you venture out to taste the finest wines the Cape has to offer. Many Dutch settlements are now thriving locations for world-class vineries. The scenic beauty and the decadent foods and wine add on to the African experience not many get to boast off.

So, if safari is not your thing, don’t disregard South Africa as your next travel location. Take in the culture, see the hundreds of museums and learn about the people, visit Robben Island and a glimpse into the horrors of apartheid, feel blessed. Just breathe in the long history of a country you know very little about and enjoy.