STRESS ... So Difficult to Deal with?

STRESS ... So Difficult to Deal with?

STRESS ... So Difficult to Deal with?

By Bhoomi Gupta

It may seem like there’s nothing you can do about stress, but that’s not true. There won’t be more hours than 24 in a day. Responsibilities won’t stop being demanding. The bills don’t seem to stop, work and family is always adding to the stress. Maybe it’s the stress of not being able to complete the last level of your favourite game or the stress of exams. Your mom won’t stop asking you to do your chores (just do them already!)

Anyways, The realisation of the fact that you’re in control is the foundation of managing stress. Show stress which is boss and fight it like one. Treat stress like your motivator and not the cause of your downfall.

Stress Management

Stress is the feeling people have when they are struggling to cope with or feel overloaded with demands. The body reacts to stress by physical, mental and emotional responses.

These demands could be related to work, relationships, finances, family or any other situation that presents one with the challenge or that doesn’t agree with a person’s well being.

While stress has its cons, it can be a motivator and can be essential to survival.

Stress is a normal part of life. There are many events that happen to you or around you, and there are many things that you do to yourself knowingly and unknowingly that put stress on your body.

How Does Stress Affect Health?

The human body is designed to experience and face stress and react to it. Stress can be positive such as getting a job promotion or stress can be negative when a person faces continuous challenges without relief between challenges. As a result, the person becomes overworked, and stress-related tension keeps building.

Acts to Manage Stress

If you have stress symptoms, take steps to manage your stress.

• Go for a run. As in the running away from your stress.

• Take deep breaths, this is honestly the best way to get over almost anything.

• Spend quality time with friends and family. Helps for sure. 

• Jam to some good music or read a good book.

• Screw it! Get a pet, a fish or maybe two.

• Get a houseplant, maybe? That seems easier, right? But it will help for sure. It’ll help divert focus.

• Get munching. Stress eating is a thing, and for a good reason too, that being that it helps. So grab that junk food and that candy and get to chewing, but of course, in moderation. 

• Scream it out. This one works, for real (Trust me, I know.)

• Crying. Pretty self-explanatory.

• Punch some pillows, that might help, but it might also make your house members think you’re going insane. But does that even matter?

• Most importantly, make time for yourself, however, that may be.

Make sure to find active ways to manage stress. Inactive way — such as watching television or being on your phone — may seem relaxing but will probably increase your stress over time.

Make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep and eat healthy. Avoid tobacco use, excess caffeine and alcohol and illegal substances.