The Green Garden Resort

The Green Garden Resort

The Green Garden Resort

-By Sakshi Shukla

Ever want an escape? Want to visit a place that is calm, cool and peaceful? And confused where exactly to go? Well, you are about to get an apt choice for the same. Here it is.

We all need a break from our daily hectic, struggling life. But when and where is the all-time confusion? We remain entangled in making plans again and again and never executing it. But no matter where we are, what we do, it is a must. And this is particularly recommended on a personal level.

The Green Gardens Resort has been developed by the Haryana government near Panchkula. It has become very popular with holiday-tourist for many reasons.

The first is, very obvious, its easy accessibility. It is situated on the Panchkula-Kalka highway and is not more than an hour’s drive from the beautiful city, Chandigarh. The place has a lot of scientific beauty because it is surrounded by hills on all sides filled with. The tall cedar trees lend the place a beauty of its own. The surrounding is quiet hygienic, which makes it even more mesmerizing, compared to our metro cities polluted life.  are free from any noise or pollution. The holidays get all the calm they need to refresh themselves. The Resort has its own arrangements for sightseeing. Those who want to avail of these arrangements have to pay reasonable charges. There are nice arrangements for some indoor games like billiards and table tennis. For children, there are slides, swings and monkey bars.

All these features have made the place very popular. Many people love to spend their weekends at this place. This will help you remove all your stress all at once, give you peace and zeal to face the upcoming loads of works coming your way.

Take your comfy clothes, basic necessities, loads of snacks and no work tasks files at all and rest will be taken care of by the magic of nature. Get indulged in the awe of mother nature and you will find yourselves having the most blissful time of your life.