The King of Indian Bridal Wear

The King of Indian Bridal Wear

The King of Indian Bridal Wear

-By Shambhavi

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is the indisputable ‘King of the Indian Bridal Industry’. Everyone you know has heard the designer and seen some of his designs. He is a celebrity favorite, designing the bridal wear for Bollywood hotshots like Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, and Deepika Padukone and rich heiresses like Isha Ambani. Many Hollywood stars like Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon have also sported the designer's stunning creations on the world stage.

Mukherjee is a Bengali designer working out of Kolkata. He started his label in 1999 and also worked as a costume designer for many Indian movies. He designed costumes from Guzaarish, Raavan and English Vinglish. Mukherjee worked under designer Georgina von Etzdorf and returned to India with brand new ideas and experience and immediately retailed his designs across the country.

Sabyasachi has gone out and showcased his impressive collections across the globe. He has presented in Singapore, Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and the prestigious Oxford University black-tie Gala. Mukherjee also collaborated with shoe giant, Christian Louboutin, on an 80-piece shoe collection with quintessential Sabyasachi embroidery in 2015.

Sabyasachi is heavily influenced by his home town of Kolkata. He draws design inspiration from cultural traditions, handicrafts, textiles, and communities. Many of his collections have notable references like deserters, gypsies and prostitutes. His collections constitute of vibrant colors and unusual fabrics with traditional silhouettes. Fusion is also something the designer constantly experiments with. He combines western influences like French impressionist paintings and ethnic Indian textiles. He also styles in a very westernized manner while using methods like hand dyeing, bandhani, and block printing. Patchwork is also heavily utilized in his designs.

The designer is also a well-renowned philanthropist. He is known for his ‘Save the Saree’ initiative. This project involved retailing handcrafted sarees at non-profit prices and donating the proceeds to the famous weavers of Murshidabad. He is known for using locally produced textiles in all his collections, giving Indian fabrics like Banarasi cloth and Khadi a global stage.

The Sabyasachi philosophy is simple. It is a "personalized imperfection of the human hand". His creations are quoted to be "an International styling with an Indian soul".

Sabyasachi Mukherjee became a go-to designer and ‘bridal specialist’ because he wanted to create designs that were for the more global and cosmopolitan bride. He designed for the modern people, where marriages were cross-cultural and people have both western and Indian influences. His bridal philosophy is comparing weddings to moods. He considers ‘destination’ weddings as having a more European vibe and designs more traditional dresses for the bride getting married in India and wanting to show off her ‘Indianness’.

Though a Sabyasachi lehenga can put you at least 2 lakh rupees, the experience of being a Sabhysachi bride is unique. The designer and the brand understand that unlike in the past, the current bride looks for a more intimate and personal wedding look.