The Mass Shootings!

The Mass Shootings!

The Mass Shootings!

-By Bansari Pujara

Murders have and always will be one of the heinous crimes that can be imagined, but gruesome is a small word for mass shootings. Wikipedia defines mass shootings as “An incident involving multiple victims of firearm violence. There is no widely accepted definition of the term "mass shooting" but the FBI defines a "mass murder" as "four or more murdered during an event with no "cooling-off period" between the murders."

There have always been various agendas behind the terrorism, but this inbuilt hatred and disgust that has been soaring over the limits, has developed into a vulture of mass shootings. In the USA alone, as of September 24, 2019, 334 mass shootings have occurred. This averages 1.24 mass shootings per day. The death tolls to about 385 with over 1600 people being a victim to these shootings. 

These mass shootings have been more than just an awakening towards the bigotry the minorities, the less fortunate face. These mass shootings have brought about the devilish face of humankind, going to extends that would not succumb to human nature. Taking up guns and marching on to murdering innocent babies, kids, and even adults, all on the basis of a clash of opinions, the difference in the beliefs. 

Religion, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, all these factors are the basis of the hatred base mass shootings. These shootings are often more than hate crimes, the easy availability of the ammunition allows anyone, whether sane or not to march in a gathering and open fire to satiate the thirst of vengeance or to capitulate to the voices inside the head, that one has no control over. 

Home invasions, murder-suicides, party brawls, and hate crimes, are all acts of terror. Whether done out of frustration or anger, all do end up taking lives. Surprisingly, universities and schools have been the mecca of these shootings. Ironically, a place where kids are taught to be sage and their parents send them to be out of trouble is the one place from where they are getting the most trouble. 

With every mass shooting that has occurred, this society is losing its pieces of the soul but also coming together to end this madness. Vengeance, anger, jealousy are all the vices that build-up to the abhorrence that cascades into crime like a mass shooting.