Thimphu— Tranquility amongst Technology

Thimphu— Tranquility amongst Technology

Thimphu— Tranquility amongst Technology

By Shruti Menon

Thimphu is the traditional, revamped. It’s the capital of Bhutan, but a relatively new city, so the roots of it are still fresh, however, its inhabitants have brought with it the traditions old bhutanese culture, so it’s a happy marriage of the two. 

Bhutan is primarily a Bhuddist country, so a lot of the culture is influenced by that. You’d see a few monks around, carrying their smartphones— it’s not an uncommon sight here. The Changangkha Lhakhang is a temple from the 15th century of Avalokiteshvara, the Buddhist emanation of compassion. The temple also offers beautiful views of the valley, that’s enough to stir up some compassion by itself. 

Going to see the beautiful Trashi Chho Dzong should be on your itinerary as it’s a beautiful piece of antique architecture that’s been revamped due to damage, but still retains its brilliance and traditional markers of Bhutanese culture.

Visit Thimpu’s weekend market for the essence of the city. It’s where farmers congregate to sell their produce, and it’s huge. All kinds of locally sourced produce is available, be sure to pick up some dried meat and condiments if you can, and the hustle and bustle is fun to be in. There’s also a nearby weekend handicrafts store that you can visit. 

Go to the Royal Textile Academy, Nozrin Lam, to see Bhutanese textiles displayed that go as far back as the 1600s. The museum is a mark of how their culture has stood the test of time, as these traditional weaving techniques have been well preserved too. You can see the weaving centre and marvel at the technique as well. 

Before you leave Thimphu, do visit the local post office. They have a large collection of stamps for sale, but not just that, you have the option to get a stamp with your own photo on it that can be used, for a nominal price. 

Bhutan is a country that, at times, feels almost utopic in the current era of governments and the state of countries. Bhutan is a country that takes the happiness of their people seriously, and they have not just a national GDP, but also a happiness index calculated every year because they believe in a more holistic development of their citizens. That’s why, when you leave Bhutan, the smile on your face might be a little bigger, a little brighter, after being hosted by this lovely country.