To The Love Of My Life!

To The Love Of My Life!

To The Love Of My Life!

-By Nilanjana Sen

To my long-distance boyfriend

It should be weird how the scent of certain people linger around you wherever you go. However, it never is. You could forget how they looked, or how their voices sounded to your ears but you will always remember how all you wanted to do whenever you were with them was to bury your nose inside their t-shirts and stay there forever.

It is the same with you and I. It was a year back that I was about to spend my last day with you before leaving for Bangalore. I wanted to stuff you in a big suitcase and take you with me to my pg. I wanted to lock your scent inside a bottle and keep it with me so that I could sniff it each time I was homesick. I had already figured by then that you smelled more magical than the roses that had previously put princesses to sleep.

How was I to know then that I would not have to take all such measures? That wherever I went, I would always find you - in castles and trains, in museums and rains.

I have smelled you in ancient hallways of castles that were once occupied by the Kings and his ministers. I have smelled you in busy hallways of trains. I have smelled you while passing by the lakes of Switzerland - surrounded by snow-covered mountains, they weren't meant to smell of my twenty-four years old boyfriend whose lips taste like cigarettes and red wine, were they?


Your long-distance girlfriend