When In Mumbai, Do As Mumbaikars!

When In Mumbai, Do As Mumbaikars!

When In Mumbai, Do As Mumbaikars!

-By Bhoomi Gupta

Do you really think I was only going to come up with 10 unknown things to do in Mumbai? I got 10 more, I mean, there are more than 20 in total but I’m trying to keep it short and sweet.


So here I go with the next 10…

1. Eat kebabs at Bade Miyaan

Ask any Mumbaikar where they can get the best kebabs in Mumbai, immediately ‘Bade Miyaan’ roll off of their tongue that’s because it genuinely serves the best, meatiest, juiciest kebabs in Mumbai for a price that can’t really be beaten with the taste.


2. Ganpati Pandals

No one does celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi better than the state of Maharashtra but also no one does it like Mumbai. Visit Lalbaug-cha-raja at least once when in Mumbai during Ganpati Chaturthi, the line is awfully long but the relief once you get to the start is quite satisfying. Visiting any ganpati pandal really reflects the culture of Mumbai.

Make sure to visit ganpatis at your friend’s and family’s.

Make sure to watch the crowd gather and dance on the road with full enthusiasm on days of visarjan (immersion of Ganpatis), I mean no one holds back there, and if you get time or have the chance, GO DANCE ALONG WITH THEM. It truly is the time of the year for Mumbai.


3. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The famous and humongous park that contains wildlife and scenic beauty is THE place to visit in Mumbai. Taking a stroll here makes you appreciate nature and makes you feel serene and one with yourself. Not only the park but there’s also Kanheri caves to visit, that is a thing in itself. It’s a trek, really. In personal experience, when I went to Kanheri caves going to the top made me feel accomplished along with extremely insignificant in the world.


4. Mumbai food

I mean, you HAVE to eat Vada Pav and Misal Pav from a street vendor and have Pav Bhaji from Juhu Beach with Gola later on. It’s an absolute must, I, myself do it quite often. The butter on the pav, the deep flavors of the pav bhaji with lemon on top with a side of chopped onions, so good. The vada pav with the dried garlic chutney and the green chutney, my mouth is salivating as I’m writing this. It’s what Mumbai food does to you.


5. Street shopping at Hill Road and Linking Road

Bandra is THE place to be to street shop, with Hill Road and Linking Road not being that far from each other, you’re going to surely find everything and anything you need, be it clothes, lingerie, home items, footwear and more, that too for cheap.


6. Watch a match a Wankhede Stadium

Cricket is the most-watched and played a sport of India and with Mumbai having its own Indian Premier League (IPL) team owned by Mumbai’s very own Nita Ambani, it makes for a great show on TV but especially in the stadium itself. The stadium is located by Marine Drive in South Bombay. The passionate fans of cricket in the stadium will make sure to make you feel as energetic if not more than they are.


7. Visiting houses of Actors

Now I don’t mean this in the literal sense, they aren’t going to invite you inside and ask you to dine with them.

Most of the Bollywood stars live in Mumbai, so not seeing their houses from outside is tough. Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Mannat’ in Bandra by the Sea, Salman Khan’s ‘Galaxy Apartments’ in Bandra as well, Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Jalsa’ in Juhu, these are some impossible places to not spot in Mumbai.


8. Lamington Road

This place is right by Grant Road station on the Eastside. This is THE hub for all your electronic needs, there’s nothing left out here. Chargers, hard-drives, software installations, printers and so much more. Nothing is counted out here.


9. Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar sells mostly stolen items located by Bhendi Bazaar in Grant Road. You’re going to get EVERYTHING here, cameras, furniture, clocks and just the whole nine. Even if you don’t intend to purchase anything, you have to visit this place, it is absolutely beautiful.


10. Learning Mumbai slang

Lastly, this is the epitome of ‘When in Mumbai, do as Mumbaikars do’, I mean how can you not know the Mumbai lingo when you’re here? And there’s so many too, some being, “Jhol”, “Fattu”, “Chamat”, “Bantai”, “Bachi”, “Punter”.