Worst Application -- TIKTOK?

Worst Application -- TIKTOK?

Worst Application -- TIKTOK?

By Sakshi Shukla

What do you think?

If it’s a YES, you should probably go ahead and read the article. And even if it’s a NO, why not? Let’s read it.

Faizal Sheikh, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Avneet Kaur, Aashika Bhatia are the few of the many names that got their fame through the platform of TIKTOK, formerly known as Musical.ly. TIKTOK is basically a social media platform to record short videos clippings on songs and dialogues for entertainment. It involves all genre say comedy, fashion, dance, acting, travel and many more.

Apart from receiving immense love and support on social media, these Musers have also come across a lot of hate. They confront situations in which they are categorized differently just because of their colour, size, language etc.


You all might be thinking, I am favouring it because I may be a ‘Tiktoker’, as they say. So no, I am not. I don’t make TIKTOK videos, but not because I hate it or I criticise it. It is because I do different things on priority which are important to me.

All the Musers, whether widely famous or not, are now earning from the platform, for some, as read it the sole income of their families. So, think before you comment anything on their posts.

One needs to understand that if you don’t like it, okay. No problem in disliking it. But solution for it should be unfollowing them, not putting hate on them. Don’t visit their page. Don’t watch their videos, but don’t hurt them for nothing.

Even if they say they don’t care, it will bother them. And on above that, whether you send hate or not, they are not going to stop. Since the particular platform is their Income.

So why waste your energy on emitting negativity? Instead convert it into positivity, to do something constructive for your own self and the society.

TIKTOK currently is the most trending and opportunistic platform running on the Internet. Either you encourage it or discourage it.