Samnite War in Rome

The First Samnite War

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There were three Samnite Wars in which Rome very nearly lost (gasps) but ultimately won (sighs of relief) that lasted over a period of fifty years.


Ramzan Mubarak Celebrations 2020

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The Festival of Ramzan or Ramadan is one of the most auspicious festivals in the Islamic Calendar and spans over the length of one month. The recent events taking into consideration the worldwide COVID 19 Pandemic has been expected to severely affect the celebration of Ramzan.

The Roman Army

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The Roman Army was the backbone of the Kingdom, the Republic and the Empire. It was a citizen army, with annual conscription of citizens as levy.

roman law

The Twelve Tables

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The Twelve Tables or Law of the Twelve Tables (Lex XII Tabularum) was a code of law framed by a commission of ten men called the Decemviri