How to make the best Work From Home

As you read this article, many of your employers have made it necessary for you to work from home and here at Society Mutter, we have come up with some tips on ‘how to do it better’. “Disruption isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you respond to what happens to you”, the quote by the renowned American author Jay Samit, is what I believe, sums up, the human-life. Since the past few weeks, the novel coronavirus has raised havoc leading to the disruptions in everyone’s’ life across the planet. While the idea of work from home has already appealed many, when it comes to adapt the option as a necessity rather than choice, we always seem to be double-minded about taking it up.

As the coronavirus has led to the global shutdown of the industries in all the fields, still some of the sectors need to function to keep the world accessible and convenient in this modern age of internet era. The real concept being nowhere close to the lyrics of the hit song by the Fifth Harmony, it can be made more structured, productive and relaxing.

While work for home is a need in today’s time, it can provoke different reactions. Some people might like it because it saves their time of commute and waking up early morning to prepare the meal. On the other hand, some people might not be fascinated with the idea as they thrive on socializing. But today, like the people on the front line dealing with corona, the work from homers contribution counts too to keep the world running virtually.

And hence we have come up with the tips below to make this space of assistance to you. We, humans, thrive on compartmentalization, which helps us to give a structure to our routine and make us adapted to the ongoing processes of life.

Time Management

Tips for work for Home

As said by the innovator of the light bulb, Mr. Thomas Edison, “Time is the only capital that any human being has and the only thing he can’t afford to lose”, which I believe to only light up our brains more, is the lesson to cherish and abide by.

It is important to give ourselves a schedule and time mindedness which will help us to get a structure to work in. So, set yourselves an alarm, do that morning routine and set yourselves goals and this will provide you with the very important boost of motivation to start your day.

And keep in mind to stick to the schedule, it is not college anymore.

Get out of those Pyjamas

I know you want to save that suit and tie for the best day but this is work and every day got to be your best self. So, the pressure is on and get out of those pajamas and wear those formals and get ready to conquer the world of “vitality”.

Wearing the clothes meant for office work will only help you to be more prepared mentally to be in the work space-like environment.

Dedicate a Workspace

Tips for work for Home

Since you are at home, you are in the cocoon of comfort, making your mind and body lazy and snobby. Hence, set up a corner only dedicated to your work at home, maybe as far from the tempting bed of yours as possible. Keep your files and documents handy, clean the desk and set the chair to get the posture right and start the job.

 Home is family and pets and noise but you have to formulate the environment for work and therefore explain to your family to give you space for work and some silence and lock that door.

Boundaries are important

Tips for work for Home

When you go to the office, there is a clear-cut proportion of time dedicated to your work-life and your personal life. Staying at home for work can lead to the mingling of the two and this can be quite confusing and exhausting. And we will advise you to set clear boundaries.

Explain to your family and house partners to act as if you are off to work and hence you will no longer are in the distracting atmosphere.

Have that Coffee

One best thing about this style of work is that now you can take those much-needed breaks and have fresh coffee not from the vending machine of the office but your very fresh kitchen. Take this opportunity to get some fresh dose of caffeine and wake up your mind now and then.

Working from home also helps you to prepare that nutritious meal and get the much necessary dose of minerals and also saves a fortune spent on having lunch at restaurants. So, we will advise you to take that lunch break for a little bit longer than usual and cook a delicious le déjeuner.

Get back to the desk after a short nap and hit the table with much-enhanced yield.

The Power of TO-DO

How does it feel checking off the list of items on the grocery list while out and about in the supermarket? Yes! That satisfaction is nothing less than the motivation you need to complete today’s assignment.

Make a list of small subtasks to be achieved under the greater umbrella of the larger project and as you complete it, strike the agendas off the list and enjoy some much-needed approval.

Keep in touch

One of the best things about those office hours is colleagues. For social butterflies, interactions are the key to survival. So, don’t make your house a cave. This is the twenty-first century, so use those video calling apps and get in touch with your contemporaries and discuss it over a coffee cause the little conversation with the friends are nothing less than therapy.

This will help you to be on the same page and get some healthy competition on the desk, cause let’s not forget “We mean business” *wink wink*

These are difficult times and we get it, sometimes you are all alone and with all the negative news around, life can get difficult. So, don’t give up. Call your relatives and friends, read that book, take those hot showers, do the exercise and don’t forget “This too shall pass”.

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