Where People chose The King — Sorta

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Rome had been a little different. It seemed to be the nexus of contradictory traits, the juxtaposition of legends and reality, brave men and cowards, demigods and fiends. Romulus, himself, seems to be a specimen of this peculiar union. 

Tourism in London During Summer

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Most of the people visit London in summer due to good climatic condition. While there are a lot of places to visit in London and it is known by everyone all over the world and James bond are also belong to this country.

Rome: The City of Echoes, Illusions and Yearning

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Augustus left a city of marble that was once a city of bricks; Lord Byron called it the city of his soul; Giotto di Bondone called it the city of echoes, illusions and yearning. Anotole Broyard though it was a poem pressed into service as a city.

Coronavirus: Top 10 Popular Coronavirus Myths

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This disease caused by Coronavirus has created not only a lot of panic among the public but has also resulted in several rising rumours and myths. At this stage, to curb the disease, it is very important to know everything about it. Here are ten myths which common people have mistaken as facts.

Tourism in Gothenburg During Summer

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The second biggest city in Sweden, Gothenburg is known for its amazing seafood, world class restaurants and dense forests. The city has the reputation of the greenest city in the world and has the highest sustainability index of any city on the planet.

Tourism in Barcelona During Summer

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Popularly known for its football, Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and is the second-largest city in Spain. The city life in Barcelona is one great fiesta and tourists are bound to have a gala time in this colourful city.