Sims Eco Lifestyle -- The Fourth Version

Sims Eco Lifestyle video game has got popularity since then people wait for every new expansion pack (EP). This eagerness about the new EPs leads to a lot of expectations and predictions among players and fans in the gaming industry. Every Sims player and fan has been waiting for The Sims 4 expansion pack after Michael Duke, the producer, dropped some hints last month about the upcoming expansion pack teasing,” I’m super excited about the theme the team has chosen – I think it will be a surprise to many of you.” His statement led to fans anticipating and stirring up many theories about the new expansion pack.

But the details of the next expansion pack might have gotten out before today’s (May 6) official announcement. Some new pointers turned up when a fan stumbled upon a page on EA’s website for The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle.

What is Sims Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack about?

Ready for your Sims to impact their world? Move into a community of fellow collaborative makers in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack!

Promotional Statement

“Play to change and make a difference in the new world of Evergreen Harbor. Help your new neighbours decide on a Community Space Project, reduce your eco-footprint, and watch your neighbourhood transform. You’ll be surprised by what happens when your Sims start making the rules.”

  • The pack’s description on EA’s website mentioned a brand new world and a gameplay where your surrounding will keep changing based on how eco-friendly the Sims are.
  • It is also meant to give the players a chance to explore new sustainable energy sources and ways to minimise or decrease their carbon footprint.

How are Fans Responding to Leak?

Sims Eco Lifestyle -- The Fourth Version
  • Well, there was a lot of speculation regarding the next expansion pack before this “sims 4 eco-lifestyle” got leaked. A photoshopped image got surfaced saying that the next expansion will be called – Sims 4 Country Livin’. This got a lot of people excited but it turned out to be false news.
  • As the more anticipated theme was Country living that got crushed with the leak, people are hoping that they might have some natural surroundings with animals and farms.
  • After the leak of this new world about Sims Eco Living, people have turned to twitter expressing how they feel about it. Some are excited while others are disappointed as they were expecting some different themes. But everyone is still waiting to make any judgement before the official release.
  • A theory that’s stirring up is that the Sims Eco Lifestyle might be an add on to an earlier expansion “Island Living” whereas some people are of the belief that this Sims 4 Eco Living is only a distraction and the actual one might be based on a totally different theme.

Why choose Theme like Eco Lifestyle?

Sims Eco Lifestyle -- The Fourth Version
  • One reason behind choosing the Sims Eco Living theme for an expansion pack might be the fact that it will bring attention to the global problem of climate change that we are dealing with and how people can change their lifestyle to improve the overall environment.
  • With governments trying to promote the sustainable way of living along with the efforts of the United Nations, this might just be another way along the same lines.
  • Video games have been known have psychological influence over the human mind and therefore a theme like The Sims Eco Lifestyle can actually make people mindful of the ways by which their actions affect their surroundings as well the environment.
  • This can be a big strategic move by the Electronic Arts (EA) to bring about a change in people’s lifestyle with their video game. But it can also not be a game-changer if the elements of entertainment, challenge and excitement are missing because a theme like The Sims 4 Eco Living might turn out boring. Let’s hope it’s not.

Features in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle

Sims Eco Lifestyle -- The Fourth Version
  • Since, it’s about Sims Eco Living, one of the possible features could be water conservation through rainwater harvesting.
  • It may have activities like candle making, soap making, jarring or jam making, etc.
  • Organic farming might be included along with hydroponics – a method of growing plants in a nutritious, water-based solution- and making your own compost put to make manure for organic farming.
  • Installation of Solar panels and solar roof tiles for generating electricity as well as reclaimed wall material and light filtering.
  • Use of wind turbines – as shown in the teaser on Twitter – for generating electricity.
  • Recycling and reusing of old things and material.
  • Might also have parks and community gardens, playable window gardens as well as box vegetable gardens.
  • As far as people are concerned, the role of eco-living activist might also be included. Fans are also predicting PlantSims – sims in forms of plants and trees – but that seems unlikely.

While thinking about the details and features that might be included in this new Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, there are endless prospects as an eco-lifestyle is a fully-fledged style of living with its own problems and realities. This new EP might also be a way of exploring a new lifestyle to follow in real life as well. People might get inspired to follow this revolutionary lifestyle called eco-living.

EA might just have come up with an idea to change the whole perspective with which video games are viewed with not only being a way to entertain yourself but also to influence the people with the world of gaming. But it can also backfire if it’d not challenging enough for the gamers or for those who have a preference for the city life over this eco-lifestyle.

So, here are all the possible details about the Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion pack as we wait for the company’s official announcement which is scheduled for Wednesday (6th May, 2020) at 8 AM PT on YouTube.

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