Alcohol Detox

If you are reading this article, then firstly, Congratulations for starting to alcohol detox! Kudos on deciding upon leaving behind your dependence on alcohol. It takes one immense strength to admit the fact that they resort to alcohol without their control. If you still are in a dilemma whether you need alcohol detox then please go through the following checklist:

  • I drink even during avoidable occasions
  • I can’t pass on a chance of drinking alcohol
  • My family is unhappy due to my drinking problem
  • My friends and acquaintances avoid getting me a drink
  • Am I drinking alone?
  • I frequently have black-outs
  • Do I binge-drink regularly?
  • I face anxiety, depression, anger-issues, physical pain, and vomiting when I try to cut-down on alcohol.
  • My children/partner is scared of me.
  • Do you think you need to drink during every social gathering?

If you check on 6 out of 10 points mentioned in the above checklist, then maybe you need to consider alcohol detox.

 Now that you have made up your mind, let us see what types of food one should consume for alcohol detox.

Chronic drinking damages the liver heavily. One can even fall sick due to heart diseases, hair loss, early aging, and accumulation of fat in the liver, cirrhosis of liver and early death. Apart from health problems, there are many socio-economic problems that appear in the lives of alcoholics. For this, a person may also have to go for hospital alcohol detox programmes. So, while one has just started their detox and recovery journey, it is important to give the liver the time and space to heal. The detox process can be a tough one for a person. We recommend you consume nutritious food to lead a healthy, detox life.

You may soon want to restock your pantry with the following 7 types of food for sticking to your journey of alcohol detox.

Fruits and Berries

Alcohol Detox

The anti-oxidants and vitamins found in fruits and berries help in boosting the natural sugars in your body. Vitamin B12 and vitamin C helps you to have a fresh body from within. Consider including grapefruits, raspberries, apples, oranges in your diet. During your leisure time, your mind might get diverted to wanting to sip on a pint of beer. This can be avoided by having some berries handy to be your snacks.


Almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, walnuts and peanuts allow fibre and healthy fat to be part of your daily nutritional intake. Unlike the harmful fats present in alcohol, fats of nuts are required by the body. It makes the working of the brain smoother. Particularly, pistachios have been proven to have high anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant levels. Walnuts are very good for the heart and problems related to blood pressure.


Alcohol Detox

Peppers such as capsicum, bell peppers, and cayenne peppers increase the appetite of a person and help to combat alcohol cravings. The Detox process makes one go through alcohol withdrawal symptoms.  As a result of which a person experiences nausea. For treating nausea and pain, peppers of various kinds are a good solution. Cayenne peppers have abundant capsaicin in them, which help in reviving endorphins. Endorphins are a group of peptides that are released by the pituitary gland and the nervous system. It makes a person feel less discomfort and more pleasant.


Who knew tiny seeds could make a huge impact on your alcohol detox journey. Seeds such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds are very helpful because of their high fibre content. These seeds are responsible for increasing your dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that regulates our feeling of pleasure. When the body has decreased dopamine, it makes us feel low and sad.


Alcohol Detox

Fishes like Mackerel and Salmon have Omega-3, vitamin D, healthy fats, and high protein. Consumption of such fish reverses the damage in the liver caused by alcohol. Fishes are good sources of lean protein. Bulky sources of protein such as lamb, pork, and beef can cause bloating, pressure on kidneys and liver, and uneasiness. Therefore, including fish in your meal is important.

Whole Grains

Whole wheat grain provides a person in recovery to gain the carbohydrates for energy recharge. The inclusion of quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat bread, oats, and barley can make you feel better from the inside while satisfying the body’s nutritional needs. It also leads to a slow release of the body sugars. Due to this, a person does not go through frequent mood swings. However, these grains should not be consumed in the form of processed food items. Also, not all grain products are included in the list of alcohol detox beneficiaries. Avoid cornflour, flour, and processed breakfast cereals.


Alcohol Detox

Lentils or dal is a good source of vegan protein and fibre. Legumes contribute to the balance of the serotonin levels in your body. The neurotransmitter Serotonin controls our mood, anxiety, happiness, and is a determinant of many other psychological conditions. Long-term alcohol consumption can lead to a decrease in serotonin. This is why different dishes using lentils can increase the appetite of the person and also help them to lead a better life during their journey of alcohol recovery.

Incorporating the above-mentioned types of food will enhance your well-being. There are many other kinds of food that you could include in your balanced diet, such as skimmed milk, banana, low fat yogurt, etc. It is also important to include a lot of fluids and electrolytes to get you hydrated. There should be no sodas, and fizzy drinks.

However, if you are not able to cope up with the initial stages of alcohol detox, then we advise you to get enrolled on the hospital’s alcohol detox programme. Many people are able to leave behind alcohol but replace their void with drugs or other kinds of substance abuse.

We wish you a very healthy life during your alcohol detox journey. Stay safe!

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