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The world’s leader in smartphone and tech related merchandise launched their latest product on the market. The iPhone SE 2 is the latest smartphone announced by Apple and is set to launch within 2020. Similar to its previous version, the SE 2 is supposedly more budget friendly. The smartphone priced at around Rs 40000 is on the cheaper side when compared with other iPhone models. The device is an Apple hybrid, employing features from both, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 11. The gadget gets its processor and internal specifications from the latest Apple iPhone 11 while the body and the size has been inherited from the widest sold Apple iPhone 8. The cheaper and smaller iPhone has already stirred up buzz amongst the tech industry with people eager to catch a glimpse of this mini delight. Here is everything you need to know about the Apple iPhone SE 2020.

iPhone SE 2 Review

Apple iPhone SE 2 Review


The display of the iPhone SE 2020 is at par with all the latest iPhones in the market at the moment. The size of the display at 4.7 inches is rather small compared to the other smartphones around the world, but its HD retina display makes up for it. The device also supports 4K video streaming allowing you to enjoy the finest shows and movies in extremely high definition. The ion-strengthened glass and the oleophobic coating makes it an extremely sturdy device. At around 65 percent, the screen to body ratio of the device is not its best feature, with two thick bezels both on the top and below the screen. This is an area where android smartphones have had better results.


Apple iPhone SE 2 Review

The phone is built with durable glass is furnished with an aluminium design, making the back design absolutely stunning. The iPhone SE 2 is currently the only device being manufactured by Apple that has a physical home button. Taking inspiration from the massively successful iPhone 8, the designers built the new design keeping mind the users who were against the removal of the home button. The gadget weight at around 150g making it lighter and easier for you to place in your pocket. The phone comes in black, white and red and all of them are equally striking. The durable body is also water resistant to a depth of 1m.


The iPhone SE 2020 operates on the latest IOS 13 and is capable of upgrading to the upcoming versions.

Memory and Processing

The Apple iPhone SE 2 is equipped with the fastest chip till date. The Apple 13 Bionic chip is the fastest chip in the world, overtaking even the Snapdragon 855. The Bionic chip in the SE 2020 is shared with its mother, the Apple iPhone 11. The device is also armed Hexa Core processor and operates at a speed of 2.25 GHz. At 3 GB, the RAM of the iPhone SE 2020 is not the best on the market but we can hope that performance wise, the processor and the Bionic 13 chip should take over. The phone comes in 3 variants, each offering different storage. Users can select between 64, 128 and 256 GB depending on their convenience. Like all Apple phones, the SE 2020 is no exception to the ‘no memory card’ rule.

Privacy and Security

If there is one domain, where Apple has thwarted every other smartphone company, it is privacy, and the SE 2020 has followed a similar path. Apart from the popular and reliable Apple face recognition software, the phone also brings back the extremely popular touch-id that was severely missed by many users. The home button of the phone can also be used to open the recent tabs menu.

Camera and Video Recording

The camera department in iPhone SE 2020 is impressive in spite of only the single lens. The 12 mega pixel rear camera has amazing features which include but are not limited to depth control, portrait lighting and high key light mono. Nevertheless, the dual lens camera of the iPhone 11 easily surpasses the SE 2020. The camera also supports 4K video recording allowing you to shoot clips by just using your mobile phone. The front camera holds 7 mega pixels and supports face recognition. While the camera department of the iPhone SE 2 may not be as powerful as its predecessor, it is good enough for an ordinary user.


The battery life of the iPhone SE 2 is not the best on the market. Its 1800 mAh battery is estimated to have allow you a decent screen time but not for long. The phone comes with wireless and fast charging, saving you from the hassle of being tangled in cables.

iPhone SE 2020 pros

Apple iPhone SE 2 Review
  1. Powerful processor but at a cheaper price
  2. The return of user-friendly home button and touch-id
  3. 12 MP camera and 4K recording

iPhone SE 2020 Cons

  1. Low screen to body ratio
  2. RAM restricted to 3GB
  3. A relatively smaller battery at 1800 mAh

To sum up, the iPhone SE 2020 could be the ideal investment for someone looking for a powerful device at an affordable price. The size of the phone is the most popular size among users across the world. The smartphone starting at a price of Rs 42,500 packs up powerful performance and speed in a small and compact device.

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