Many of us find ourselves really stuck in this quarantine due to the coronavirus outbreak and if you find yourself panicking about not being able to be productive enough or not managing your time well by letting binge watching or a comfortable sleep get the best of your time, you’re not alone. Most people, because of the COVID 19 pandemic and the lockdown that followed, have fallen into a phase of low anxiety, worrying about stock up enough supplies for the lockdown period and simply waiting for what is going to happen next, completely living in uncertainty.

This quarantine or period of isolation is a critical time for everyone even if they are safe and healthy and away from infection, there is an unsaid heaviness in the air that surrounds us. This also comes with added concerns due to the shutdown of several markets and stores, creating a general scarcity of food and other such supplies, of the constantly increasing number of confirmed cases around the world on a daily basis and also the sheer uncertainty of living in such a time, where no one knows what will happen next.

If you are working from home, whether as a professional or a student, you probably have a higher need of getting your work done by schedule and not let this quarantine period have a negative effect on your work. Even if you are not working, there might be many things that you would wish to do to pass time or to do something productive and do make this task easier for you, we have a list of top time management apps that help you make daily schedules and set regular goals.

1. Rescue Time

This is a great app for when you want to manage your time well or if you are unsure if you are using your time well. It sends you weekly reports to show and highlight the things that may be taking away time unnecessarily as opposed to the important ones. It gives you timely update to help you keep a track of how much time you are actually wasting.

2. Remember the Milk

This is the perfect app for you if your work and your routine demand you to multitask, especially using multiple apps and devices. It is a free tool which can work well with all your devices and even sync your Gmail, Outlook, etc and enable you to keep your many tasks in check, no matter where you are.

3. Focus Booster

In case you feel pressurised working under tight deadlines or time constraints, this is the app for you. This app, based on the principles of Pomodoro Technique, is best for individuals who are overwhelmed with time bound tasks and tend to procrastinate. This app will not only help you keep track of your list of tasks but also update you with weekly productivity levels.

4. Toggl

The Toggl app helps you keep track of time that you spend on specific tasks or projects. Time management is most effective when you are aware of clearly how much time you spend on your tasks and work and this app gives you a clear picture of how much time you spend and how could it have been used more efficiently.

5. Evernote

Although Evernote is not like other traditional time management apps, it is a very efficient productivity tool that enables you to keep all your images, ideas, notes and all your thoughts in one place, making your work easier and saving lots of time. You can also use this for recording interviews or meetings and even your ideas. It can also be linked with Remember the Link to further optimize your time utilization.

6. Mind Node

It is well known that mind mapping is one the best ways to sort out your work and be more productive. Mind Node is a great mind mapping app available for free that makes you more organized and helps you gain clarity by sorting your thoughts. This is a great app to use during this quarantine as it does not only get your tasks sorted and your time more organized, but it also helps introspection and personal planning more efficient, simpler and less time consuming.

7. My Life Organized (MLO)

MLO, short for My Life Organized is a task management system that helps you manage all your tasks, your to- do lists and all your other goals and objectives, helping you manage your time and target what you should focus on to reach that set objective or goal. It also helps you systematically track your progress to reach set goals and also generates to-do lists automatically to set priority actions that require immediate time and attention. This way you can easily set goals and track your progress.

8. Trello

Trello is a widely well known app that enables you to keep a track of all your projects in a visual form. It helps you manage time better by assembling all your tasks by allowing you to create cards for all the tasks that you need to complete in a given time. Each card that is on your Trello board keeps moving across the board as you keep on completing each task and is broken down into categories such as To Do, In Progress and Completed and it keeps updating as you finish one task and move on to the other.

This period of quarantine is undoubtedly stressful for all of us. However, this can be turned into a great opportunity to get creative and productive and finally finish all your pending tasks or the things that you have always wished to do but could never find the time for. These were our top picks for the best time management apps that can help you get in action and do everything that you have ever wanted to do, and thanks to these apps, that too by saving time and using it much more efficiently.   

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