Check Your Jio Balance in 2020

Jio Telecom Services has overtaken the market of data service providers in India due to its affordability and expansion of services. Apart from the internet services and calling facilities, it has introduced smartphones in the market thus involving the middle to the lower middle class and all normal people in the world of connectivity and smartphones.

Though reasonably priced data, a major problem faced by many people is how to check your Jio balance after each usage so that their expenses could be controlled and utilised properly.

In this article, we will clarify various methods on how to check your Jio balance –

Ways to Check your Jio Balance

Check Your Jio Balance in 2020

Check your Jio balance through IVR that is interactive voice response over a call –

Follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. Dial on the toll-free number *333# through your Jio number.
  2. You will receive a written message regarding your balances on the mobile or smartphone screen.

Another easy way to check all kinds of balances such as data, two-time left and validity, one can simply install the MyJio App. This application provides all information regarding your balances and has many exciting offers for recharges too.

So for checking your Jio balance through the MyJio App follow the steps given below-

  1. First, you will have to download the MyJio App through the play store on your smartphone. It is also downloaded in the Jio smartphones.
  2. Then enter your login credentials which are generally your Jio registered phone no. and an OTP they send through SMS.
  3. You can look for the remaining balance on the homepage of the App itself and many other details like the active plan, remaining data, minutes of talk time consumed are mentioned.
  4. You can also gather more detailed analysis by clicking on the check usage button on the app.

You can also opt for the SMS method for checking your Jio balance. So follow the simple steps mentioned below –

  1. You can simply send an SMS to 55333 with MBAL to know your Jio balance.
  2. You will receive a text message declaring the remaining balance on your SIM card.
  3. This method is checking Jio balance is really simple and moreover, ot doesn’t lead to any charges

There are more methods for checking your Jio balance. Continue to read for more details.

Check your Jio balance using the Website?

Check Your Jio Balance in 2020

The steps for checking your Jio balance through the official website of Jio is simple and is mentioned below-

  1. Type in the address bar of your browser.
  2. After the page of the website appears, log in there using your Jio registered mobile phone number.
  3. Once you Sign in, you will be able to find your Jio balance under the section ‘Check Jio Balance’.
  4. On clicking on the options, a page with the details regarding your remaining Jio balance appears.
  5. You can also go to My Plans section on the website for more information regarding the action plan on your number and other information like validity and other services too.

There are some other simple ways for numbers which have postpaid and prepaid services. So for How to check your Jio balance through postpaid and prepaid services follow the instructions mentioned below-

Check Your Jio Balance with SMS

Steps to check your Jio Balance Prepaid with just a message –

  1. Just send a text message through your prepaid number registered with Jio on 199.
  2. Send an SMS saying BAL to 199 – which is a toll-free number.
  3. You will get an SMS regarding the balance of your Jio number and the action plan’s validity on your phone.

Steps to check your Jio Balance Postpaid with just a message:

  1. For getting your balance on the postpaid number of Jio through SMS service you will need to send an SMS on 199.
  2. Text BILL to 199
  3. Soon you will receive an SMS  stating the balance and bill value of your Jio postpaid number on your phone.

How to Check your Jio Tariff Plan.

The steps for the same are simple and described below.

  1. This method uses  SMS service of the till free number 199.
  2. Just text MY PLAN to 199 from your registered Jio mobile number.
  3. You will soon receive an SMS on your phone with all the details of your tariff plan on your phone.

Check your Jio balance using USSD codes

Check Your Jio Balance in 2020

There are some in exciting hacks using USSD codes to know about your Jio balance-

  • First for knowing your Jio number you can simply dial on *1# through the phone app on your smartphone.

You will receive a text prompt giving out your registered mobile number from the device provider Jio.

  • You can simply dial to *333# a toll-free number through your Jio registered mobile number for any details like the validity of the plan, active plan, remaining balance, talk time information, data balance and another account details easily through interactive voice service of Jio- service provider.
  • When data is something which we rely on at all times you can keep track of your expense of data by sending a toll-free SMS to 55333 with the message ‘MBAL’.
  • It will send you a text prompt stating your remaining data balance of Jio.
  • For checking your call rates so that you can activate some good talk time plans for more economical expenditure you can send a toll-free SMS to 191.
  • Simply message ‘TARIFF’ and you can know the call rates your service provider- Jio is charging form you.
  • Also for the latest tariff details activated on your mobile number registered with Jio you can send a text message on 199.
  • 199 is a toll-free number so you there are no extra charges for keeping track of your France on Jio phone.
  • Just SMS ‘MY PLAN’ on 199 through the messaging app on your phone from the sim registered with Jio.

You will soon receive a textual prompt regarding all the details about the activated tariff plan and validity status on your phone, without any charges.

These are simple hacks and steps you can follow to keep a record of your balance in Jio registered sim and mobile number. Hope this helps you figure out How to Check your Jio Balance.

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