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Unless you have been living under a rock, you wouldn’t have been untouched by the popularity of the Battle Royale Game PUBG or better known as Players Underground Battleground and various other mobile games. The popularity of these games has spread like wildfire since its inception on both the platforms namely PC and Mobile. With its soaring popularity it has given rise to a number of gamers who live stream mobile games for fellow players and help them learn new tricks and skills and also aid them in making money while doing so. In this article we will walk you through the simplest way of streaming mobile games through your phone using OBS Studio.

Now before we start off with a step by step guide of how to orient your build and set it up to stream, we are going to list off a few important things that are absolutely necessarily required to help you stream. Here below we have listed everything that you would require for your streaming.

1) USB External Sound Card Audio Adapter with Mic

The USB Virtual 7.1 Channel Adapter is a highly adaptable audio interface which can be utilized either with PC or Laptop systems. You can connect the adapter into your USB port and then connect in your earphones into adapter 7.1 Channel sound and you would not need to invest into an expensive speaker set

Features and Details: –

a) It includes USB HID Class Specification 1.1 USB

b) It has USB2.0 with speed delivered up to 12mbps

c) Durable body that gives you high standard audio enjoyment

d) It can be carried around without much trouble. This equipment of audio interface makes it less troubling for anyone to carry around

e) Compatible with Desktop or Notebook


It has a quite decent rating & the numerous benefits include it’s less troubling to use; It is an excellent buy & will give excellent worth for the cost of Rs 210. Going by consumer, the audio standard and durability are quite admirable.

2) FYUGO Connector Type 3.5 mm Audio Jack to Headphone Microphone Splitter

This Splitter is used to transform the merged port into two different ports- one 3.5mm headphone jack and one 3.5mm microphone port. The splitter cables permit you to link your stereo headset Mic to a Tablet/Mobile audio and mic port at the same instance with ease

Features and Details

a) It can transform the unified ports into different ports one being the 3.5mm headphone jack and the other one 3.5mm microphone port.

b) It permits you and aids you to use your own headphones and microphone of lofty standards and join it to all mobile phones and tablets

c) Can be utilized with any mobile device that utilizes a 4 position 3.5mm jack.

d) You will be able to utilize it with personal computers, Tablets, cell phones


Customers are pretty satisfied with this device. The audio standard is not affected in any case. It is a value for cost commodity and it’s assembled to last long

3) Hebrik 3.5mm Y Splitter (Pure Copper alongside Gold Plated connector)

Hebrik Stereo Splitter Y cable helps you connect to loads of audio devices and various MP3 players like Tablet, PC, mobile phones, iPod and permits you to share audio among two persons during similar instance

Features and Details

a) 2X 3.5 mm Stereo Jack Female as Output and 3.5mm Stereo Jack Male as Input- 100% bare copper, 24K Gold Plated housing

b) Two earphones could be attached to an iPod or various other music players to allow both people to listen at once

c)Permits two sets of speakers to be linked to a Personal Computer


Once again it has received decent ratings from various customers. It has praiseworthy longevity, audio standard and priced at a meagre Rs 350 it is an excellent item at such a small amount.

4) Xmate Car Stereo 3.5 mm Male to Male Gold-Plated Nylon Braided Aux Audio Cable

There is male stereo audio cable present on both ends that permits you to link your personal computer, tablets, mobile phones and MP3 music players to a car stereo or a mobile speaker. Attach it and carry on your majestic journey of music

Features and Details

a) With its 90-degree angled connector it is less troublesome to attach your cell phone, laptop or different equipment to this item

b) It possesses a 24K Gold Plated Connector assures the dispatch speed to remain consistent thereby ushering the best of sounds.

c) The cords are woven with Nylon that helps in safeguarding the cords from being messy & entangled. It is especially formulated to provide you a knot free affair.

d) Metal housing and reinforced endings conserve the cable and gives it a long-life span.


With a consumer rating of 4.3 it is seemingly obvious as to how good this item is. The standard of the item, the audio standard is admirable and the cost price being only Rs 199 it is a marvellous steal for a commodity of this order.

Now alongside the products listed above which are required absolutely for streaming there is need of two more software which are a vital cog in your streaming wheel. They are namely 1) APowerMirror which needs to be installed both on your laptop and your mobile and 2) OBS Studio which needs to be installed on your laptop or desktop. We will advise you step by step about how to set these hardwares up and what they are exactly utilized for and will also help you set your stream utilizing OBS Studio. So, hold onto your horses.

Steps to Make the Stream

Step 1: – The first and foremost step that one will need to undertake is to sync your mobile screen and put it on your laptop or desktop screen. This is where the APowerMirror app comes handy. Open up the app on both your phone and laptop. Now you will be able to sync your cell phone screen to your laptop either via Wi-Fi if both your laptop and phone are linked to a similar Wi-Fi network.

However, in order to avoid frame delay due to speed issues we suggest you all connect via USB. You will have to switch on your Developer Settings in your phone and switch on USB Debugging. Link the mobile to the PC/ laptop using a USB Cable and you are good to go.

Step 2: – Open the OBS Studio on your desktop/laptop. You will have to add your phone screen in the OBS Studio. To do so right click on the blank screen in the OBS app, go to Add and then Window Capture. Next step is you need to Select APowerMirror Main as your window capture and voila your phone screen is added to the OBS App.

Step 3: – At this point we are cruising through to set up our stream. Now we will have to transmit the in-game sound from the cell phone to our laptop. For that we will utilize the Hebrik 3.5mm Y Splitter, FYUGO Connector Type 3.5 mm Audio Jack to Headphone Microphone Splitter, Xmate Car Stereo 3.5 mm Male to Male Gold-Plated Nylon Braided Aux Audio Cable and the USB Sound Card. This might be a bit complicated however we simplified things as much as we could.

Connect your Hebrik 3.5mm Splitter with your phone’s headphone jack and connect on the female port of the Hebrik Splitter to the FYUGO Connector Type 3.5 mm Audio Jack to Headphone Microphone Splitter. Now the FYUGO Connector Type Splitter has two female ports demarcated as a headphone jack and another as a mic port. Connect one end of your Xmate Car Stereo 3.5 mm Aux Audio Cable to the headphone jack of the FYUGO splitter and the other end of the Aux Cable should be attached to the microphone jack of the USB Sound Card. Plug in the USB Sound Card into your desktop/laptop.

Step 4: – In the OBS Studio App window click on the right mouse button drop down to Add. From there select Audio Input Capture. Select Microphone (USB Audio Device) as your Audio Input Capture and now we are done with transferring MOBILE GAMES Mobile’s sound to our laptop.

Step 5: – Now in order to interact with people following your stream you will have to add the Laptop’s Mic to the stream. To accomplish this in the OBS Studio App window, press the Right click mouse button and Add, Select Audio Input Capture and then select Microphone Array (Realtek High Definition Audio) as your Audio Capture. Now you are set up to interact with people viewing the stream.

Step 6: -Now you will have to hear the in-game audio and interact with your teammates during the game. This is the final piece within this seemingly easy jigsaw puzzle. As you might recall one of the female ports of the Hebrik 3.5mm Y Splitter was left empty. Link your headset to this port and game set, match, you are now ready to stream your mobile games through your phone using OBS Window.

Review of OBS Studio

Start Your Streaming Journey with OBS

OBS studio is a favoured open accessible application for recording your gameplay and above all blasting it out worldwide for the viewers to see. OBS Studio is stacked up with lots of features and settings and furnishes amazing flexibility if you are willing to put your time into learning it. OBS studio is even compatible on systems of low build and it does not affect the performance much at all. It is a great application for learner and novice users alike. You can set it up according to your needs of either utilizing it a level of professionalism or recording program for platforms like Twitch and YouTube.


With the skyrocketing popularity of MOBILE GAMES mobile and the spurge not ending soon since it has been running on for more than three years there are countless closeted talented gamer out there who would love to show cause their talent and make it big. We hope that this piece of writing will be helpful in articulating everyone who is new to the streaming forum about the steps, software and various hardware’s required to set up a mobile games stream using OBS Studio.

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