New Look of the Facebook Avatar

Many people have started looking for how to make Facebook avatar since the popular social media site introduced customized avatars. Avatars are the cartoon versions of emojis which you can customize according to your choice and look. And they are different from normal emojis or memojis, because you can create your own version of emoji through these avatars.

So, it will be like creating a customized cartoon version of your self. But Facebook is not the first or the only one to introduce avatars. It is one of the latest sites that have joined the list of Yahoo, Apple’s Memoji, and Bitmoji. It’s hardly been a week since the new feature was launched, but people have already tried searching for how to create a Facebook avatar.

What is Facebook avatar?

New Look of the Facebook Avatar

The latest feature of avatar introduced in Facebook is unique in many ways. Facebook has already pleased its customers with several features that they can enjoy along with connecting to people. And this latest addition of creating a Facebook avatar is more fun. You can create your self, as an emoji, through this feature. By using various customization options, you can make it resemble to yourself, so you will get your emoji.

Also, the process to make your Facebook avatar is very simple. Once you understand how to create a Facebook avatar you’re all set. And you can also change the avatar whenever you want; it is not a fixed character that cannot be changed once after it is created. Thus, you need to know how to make a Facebook avatar. It will help you to avoid lagging in terms of using modern features on social media sites.

Interesting ways to Use Facebook Avatar

Once you get to know about how to make FB avatar, then you will have to understand/know about the interesting ways in which you can use your FB avatar. After successfully creating your Facebook avatar, you can use it for various purposes. You can keep it as your profile picture on Facebook, at first. Apart from that, you can send this personalized Facebook avatar of yourself in the mobile text messages, as stickers in your comments, and even in your stories.

It can also be used on your chats in Facebook messenger. And not only Facebook, but you can also share this new emoji avatar from Facebook, to Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat, Mail, and Instagram. Thus, knowing how to make an avatar on Facebook is very essential. And once you start enjoying it, there will be no break to fun! So, are you ready? Follow these simple steps on how to make Facebook avatar:

How to create a Facebook Avatar?

New Look of the Facebook Avatar

1. Download the mobile version of the Facebook application. The Facebook app and this new Facebook avatar feature supports both the android and iOS, so there’s no need to worry.

2. Launch the app, where you will see the notification bell on one side. There will be a Hamburger menu next to this notification bell. From the Hamburger menu, select the options ‘Avatar’.

3. The next step will be to personalize and mold your avatar according to your look or choice. There are various options available such as body type, eye shape, hairstyles, and outfit. Select the ones that suit you the best. You can even adjust the skin tone of your Facebook avatar. Keep clicking the next option, when you complete each personalization one after another.

4. The avatar personalization on Facebook doesn’t need you to upload your photo; you can make it the way you want. Though this may seem like a good option to protect your privacy, there is one issue involved. And it is – making an exact look-alike emoji version of yourself without your photo will be a tough task.

5. Once you are satisfied with the personalization of your avatar, convert it into a sticker. In order to express yourself in the form of this avatar, it will be better if you make a sticker. You can share this Facebook avatar sticker on messenger, or even on other apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. For sharing this sticker on other apps, select the ‘More options…’ menu.

These were some easy steps that will help you to know how to make FB avatar. Now, let’s have a look at how you can use your Facebook avatar at different occasions:

New Look of the Facebook Avatar

1. If you want to use your Facebook avatar on messenger, the process is very easy. The emoji button is located above the keyboard in messenger. When you select the emoji button, click on the ‘stickers’ option. And find and send your Facebook avatar from those stickers.

2. The steps to share your Facebook avatar in comments are also quite easy. First, select the comment section, and tap on the smiley or face icon in that section. You will find a colored face icon situated at the bottom. When you click this colored face icon, you can find the avatar stickers, which you can finally use in your comments.

3. When you successfully create your Facebook avatar, you will see an arrow icon at the top of your avatar. This arrow icon will, at the bottom, will show you two options – ‘share it as profile picture’, or ‘share it on feed’. By selecting any one of these options, you can either share your avatar on Facebook feed, or set it as your profile picture. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone, isn’t it?

Apart from these three basic ideas, you can also share your Facebook avatar on your Facebook story, and customize its pose. There are three options that allow you to change the pose of your avatar. You can choose the pose you like, and keep sharing it on your feed or stories.

Thus, we can surely say that the latest feature of making your own Facebook avatar is going to be a fun adventure. You have found a new, exciting, and cartoonish way to express yourself on this popular social media site. The process that shows how to make an avatar on Facebook is super-easy, and it’s a fun thing. Also, the choice to share it on a variety of platforms (even on other social media apps) makes it cooler. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your mobile phones and start customizing your own self – but on Facebook!

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