HyperScape Vulkan Error Fix

HyperScape has recently released its first technical trial, and has received an overwhelming response of excitement and success. Though the game is in its first trial it is bound to have errors and bugs in it. But, the developers Ubisoft have been trying to rectify these errors for the users to have a glitch- free experience of this science fiction based battle royale. We need to look for the various errors even in the game that’s like the Vulkan Error, Launching Problems and many such.

The style and gameplay used in HyperScape is completely different from the other games, this allows almost 100 players to fight at one go unlike Fortnite, this has led to a huge amount of excitement among the clients as they are eagerly waiting for the official launch (hopefully error free) of this programme.

What is a Vulkan Error?

HyperScape Vulkan Error Fix

Vulkan Error is directly related to the graphic card drivers, due to which it has led to Hyperscape Launching Problems among players. The Hyperscape Vulkan Error usually takes place among new games, where in a new driver must be installed in order to play the game in your system/ PC. As the Hyperscape has been released as an open beta, there are still many bugs and errors that need to be fixed, once the game is officially launched by the developers, these bugs and errors will also dissolve as no developer or publisher would want their users to have any difficulty with using their product as it could further in the future lead to a lot of problems.

Many users have complained about finding the Vulkan Error as it has stopped them from playing. Along with this, they have also raised complains regarding facing Hyperscape Launch Problems in the game as well. Let us help you with getting this error fixed.

How to fix Vulkan error and Hyperscape Launch Problems?

HyperScape Vulkan Error Fix

According to my research, I found that the most common method to Fix Vulkan Error is, by updating your AMD. For this go to the AMD website and select your video card to download and then install the latest drive available there. Once you have installed and updated your graphics card driver, restart your PC. Hopefully, this should help to Fix Vulkan Error and also Fix Launch Problem.

There was another way to check and accordingly update your device manager, it is:

  • Step 1: Open the ‘start’ menu and type ‘Device Manager’
  • Step 2: Open the device manager and then right click on ‘Expand Display Adaptors’
  • Step 3: Select on ‘Properties’ and go to ‘Driver Tab’
  • Step 4:  Click on ‘Update Driver’ and then click on ‘Search automatically for software’
  • Step 5: Wait for the update to install.

You could also search for ‘Updated Drivers’ on Window’s Update and click and check the updates. 

I can suggest you another alternative but for this you will be requiring a NVIDIA card, those of you who have access to this card can go to the ‘Vulkan driver support page’ and then directly download links to help you ensure that your graphic card updated and ready to play HyperScape or not.

But, I still found many users complaining about how the above mentioned method would only help in either fixing for the first time they played or the error yet continued even after trying that method.

Alternative to Fix the Vulkan Error

HyperScape Vulkan Error Fix

Instead of updating your drive, I came across another alternative method to rectify this error, this might take a little time of yours but there is no harm in trying and seeing if this helps you fix the error. The steps to be followed are:

  • Step 1: Google GEFORCE EXPERIENCE and click on it
  • Step 2: Press ‘Download Now’ and save the file
  • Step 3: ‘Run’ the File and press ‘Yes’
  • Step 4: Now install the programme

If you already have GEFORCE EXPERIENCE installed.

  • Step 1: Open it and click on ‘Driver’
  • Step 2: Select if you want an Expressed or Customed installation.
  •  (This would install the drivers for the video card model)
  • Step 3: Now wait for drivers to be installed.

If you are using an Intel gpu, then

  • Step 1: google ‘Intel driver support system’ and open the first link
  • Step 2: Press ‘Download Now’ and download the tool
  • Step 3: Double click the ‘Installer’ and agree with the terms and install
  • Step 4: Wait for the assistance to be installed and press ‘Launch’ to open the assistance in Graphics after which you will be able to update your driver.

You can also once verify the game’s file and check whether your Windows is updated.

Final Fix to Vulkan Error

HyperScape Vulkan Error Fix

Once you have used any of the above mentioned methods to get rid of the Vulkan Error, try to restart your system/ PC and then ‘Delete’ the HyperScape programme and ‘re-install’ it again. Make sure you have closed all the tabs in the background and no other programme is running at that moment. This will help you in having a clear connection to download the HyperScape. You can now go back and play the game without any kind of a glitch.

You can view videos on YouTube, to help you understand and find the drive faster or you could also take the help of the support provided by Ubisoft on their website.

Even after trying all of these steps you fail to recover the error then there are chances that your system/ PC is very old or because as the game, HyperScape is still function on its first technical trial and has also been made an open beta, the developers might not yet have, had a chance to rectify this issue. All new beta game, tend to face a series of bugs and errors in its initial stages, the developers are supposed to keep a check on these and find solutions soon. In the case of HyperScape as it hasn’t been launched officially we can say that these errors are just temporary. Ubisoft, as well-known as it is would definitely rectify all these issues and then officially launch HyperScape, the Battle Royale.

Once all of these glitches are sorted out I am sure you will have fun experience with your friends.  So do not lose your hope on the game so soon, hold on to that excitement as more of it is yet to come your way.

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