Matterhorn Mountain Flashes Indian Flag

The Indian flag has been flashed over the Matterhorn Mountain to show solidarity by virtue of this Matterhorn Mountain Indian Flag event in the Swiss Alps of Switzerland. For the first, it can be seen the Matterhorn Mountain with Indian Flag. This kind gesture was publicized by the Swiss government to show the symbol of solidarity that is there among all the nations around the world to fight against this pandemic. It has been always known that nature is the biggest power above all of us. It again proved that it will never matter how much our science will go ahead, it is always some power which is guiding us and even that is ahead of all our efforts.

Indian Flag on Matterhorn

The Matterhorn mountain with Indian flag event is done to give support all the people from all over the nation to fight against this epidemic. Our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has also retweeted that event which can be seen in the below retweeted picture.

This event also signifies the respect to the entire nature and speaks out indirectly that we are the people of the Mother Earth and the Mother Earth will find some way in helping us to get rid of this epidemic.

Other Flags on Matterhorn

Matterhorn Mountain Flashes United States Flag

It is not that the flag of India has been shown there at the Matterhorn Mountain, but many countries had already got the opportunity to cherish the moments like the Matterhorn Mountain with American Flag, Matterhorn Mountain with United Kingdom Flag, and many more to come too.

Brief About Matterhorn Mountain

Matterhorn Mountain in the border of Italy and Switzerland

For the people who are new to the name of Matterhorn, it is a mountain in the Swiss Alps which is situated in the border of Switzerland and Italy. It has a height of around 4478 meters which makes it one of the highest mountains in the range of Alps and also in Europe.

Current State of COVID – 19

Being little away from the topic, the status of the current situation is that we have already crossed the mark of 2.2 million COVID – 19 cases and still counting. Along with that in India, we have seen a spike increase in these past few days which made our count of COVID – 19 cases to more than 13,000.

It is always a pleasure for every nation to have none enemies. However, it has been very difficult in these 21st Century. Even though, now, we have to fight against this epidemic together by forgetting all the past. This kind step from the Swiss Government has shown that the humanity is ahead of everything.

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