Know Everything About STX Entertainment

One of the leading enterprises driven by the creation of talent, STX Entertainment stock price has recently been affected by its 10% merger with Eros. STX Entertainment movies aim at building a concrete connection between the stars and their fans with the help of development, financing, marketing and distribution of film, television, VR, Digital Video, music and live video content. STX Entertainment careers have also proved to be extremely successful in all kinds of arts, especially with STX Entertainment stocks now being shared with film giant Eros. Here’s all you need to know about STX Entertainment, from STX Entertainment Logo to STX Entertainment Movies.

STX Entertainment Stock

Know Everything About STX Entertainment

STX Entertainment Stock Price recently went up, when Eros Entertainment jumped 10% in morning trade on April 20 upon announcing an all-share merger with STX Entertainment, creating an equally-owned global entertainment company.

STX Entertainment is a six-year old company, which, upon merging with Eros Group, will create an enterprise with a $1 billion valuation. Existing shareholders for both companies will own 42% of the shares each, while the remaining 15% will go to new shareholders. Some of STX’s shareholders like TPG, Hony Capital and Liberty Global have also reportedly added fresh capital of $125 million.

Since STX Entertainment works primarily with Hollywood, Eros India is more inclined towards Bollywood movies; as a result, STX Entertainment Movies will now have a deeper connection with Bollywood, and vice-versa. This is also more likely for both companies to access the mega-market in China. From a financial perspective, changes in STX Entertainment Stock have given the company additional heft, leading to JP Morgan to open a $350 million credit facility.

STX Entertainment Stock Price surged by 91% in the past 15 days, reaching an intraday high of INR 16.53 and an intraday low of INR 16.35. STX Entertainment Stocks had 242,988 shares, but no sellers available.

STX Entertainment Movies

Know Everything About STX Entertainment

STX Entertainment Movies are mostly Hollywood-based. As of 2020, STX Entertainment has produced nearly 20+ movies, with its first one being ‘The Gift’ in 2015. The most recent feather in the cap of this mini-major studio in the entertainment industry today is the movie ‘Brahms: The Boy II’ released in 2020. STX Entertainment movies include several hits like Hustlers (2019), The Space Between Us (2017), Bad Moms (2016) and The Foreigner (2017). On most of these STX Entertainment Movies, the company has collaborated with leading companies like EuraCop, BBC Films, Huayi Brothers, Alibaba Pictures and Image Nation Abu Dhabi.

STX Entertainment Careers

Both the international and domestic branches of STX Entertainment Careers provide an array of employment opportunities for those looking to make it big in the entertainment industry. At STX Entertainment, employees get to work as Director of Applications, VP, Digital/Social Strategy and Financial Analyst, among others. They get to work for improvement in the STX Entertainment software and manage projects which ensure integration into the company’s functional requirements. Under CEO Robert Simonds, most current employees of STX Entertainment have rated the work environment highly. According to the official STX Entertainment website, the following rating have been given by STX Entertainment employees-

4.4 ****Work/Life Balance
4.4 ****Compensation/Benefits
3.8 *** Job Security/Advancement
4.2 **** Management
4.2 **** Culture

 The STX Entertainment company has overall been defined as a high-paced environment provider, which requires one to be extremely sharp and organized. Good presentation and communication skills are required to sell your ideas.

STX Entertainment Logo

Know Everything About STX Entertainment

The basic logo remains the same, with different variants of STX Entertainment movies comprising of different information at the bottom. For example, for STX Entertainment television productions, the word ‘Entertainment’ from the original STX Entertainment logo is replaced by ‘television’ and so on.

STX Entertainment boasts of several divisions, including STX Films (animation and family content), STX TV (scripted and unscripted television content), STX Digital (live events) and STX Surreal (Virtual Reality). An international partnership and distribution arm also exists by the name STX International, with its headquarters in London.

STX Entertainment Upcoming Movies

The STX Entertainment movies division aimed at creating a distribution process which works on a new model; it secured distribution rights with huge companies like AMC, Regal, Cinemark, Goodrich and so on. Along with this, they also signed a multilayer television output agreement to release films exclusively to Showtime Networks during the premium television window in early 2015. One of the most popular movies that STX Entertainment has been associated with is The Irishman, which STX Entertainment and Media Asian Entertainment Group together distributed in China.

STX Entertainment movies’ projects have featured several popular artists, including Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Amy Schumer, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Vin Diesel and Nick Jonas. In 2019, STX Entertainment had their first number one box-office opening with The Upside starring Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston, earning $19.59 million in the opening weekend itself. This movie worked wonders for the production company, since they were praised for their efficient marketing as well as smart trimming of the hit movie to convert it from an R to PG-13 movie, which helped widen their audience. Reportedly, Kevin Hart has tied up with STX Entertainment to both produce and star in two comedies, Black Friday and another which remains untitled as of now.

STX Entertainment strives for female diversity both behind and in front of the camera; to pertain to this, more than 20 films produced by this company have both featured women and had women working behind the scene.

STX Entertainment also holds the honour of becoming the fastest studio ever to hit $100 million at the domestic box office post the release of Bad Moms, which earned more than $180 million worldwide. Another such hit has been ‘The Foreigner’, which crossed over $100 million in global box office revenue. This movie had been a co-production with Jackie Chan’s Sparkle Roll Media.

STX Entertainment Stock Price has recently been in the news, for STX Entertainment Stock has been brought into share with Eros International. However, STX Entertainment movies have proved to be hits in themselves, regardless of being associated with a bigger production house. STX Entertainment Logo, which speaks of class and simplicity, shows us how an STX Entertainment Career can soar once you find employment in such a fast-paced, well-organized company.

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