Masakali 2.0 is the latest remix to hit the block. Along with hit tracks like Humma Humma, Dilbar and Ek Ladki ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga, Masakali 2.0. is the latest addition to the list of hit remixes. Download Masakali 2.0 and know for yourself! A Masakali 2.0 download on your phone is sure to put you in the right mood for a dance party right under your roof. Masakali 2.0 Mp3 deserves a download; it offers the right combination of peppy beats and lyrics for you to dance your troubles away. Masakali 2.0 song download can be made from any website, and enjoyed to the fullest!

Now that the lockdown has quarantined all of us to our houses, Masakali 2.0 can surely add pep to our family dance parties, or provide a perfect background to when you want to dance your stress out alone at night. Have a Masakali 2.0 song download, and enjoy the beat! A production of T-Series, the song has been composed by Tanishq Bagchi and sung by Tulsi Kumar and Sachet Tandon. Within two days, Masakali 2.0 has become a firm favourite amongst audiences, having already received 14 million views on Youtube and featuring as one of the top 5 trending videos.

About the ‘Masakali 2.0’ Music Video

The Masakali 2.0 music video features Siddharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria, who play a lovestruck couple breaking into a hotel room after getting soaked in the rain. They perform to the dance number, enjoying the luxuries of the hotel room. They can be seen locked in a romantic trance, dancing together at the bar and inside the room in various, vibrant costumes. Eventually, towards the end of the video, they are caught by the hotel staff. Their looks in the video resemble their characters in their film Marjaavan, released in 2017.

The video of Masakali 2.0 has done a fine job in setting a fun storyline to the song, and one can feel the energy of the song through the video of Masakali 2.0. Both Siddharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria have done a splendid job with their respective performances, and their get-up has captured the very spirit of the entire song. Since it has been staged within a posh hotel, the Masakali 2.0 video makes one go crazy and forget all the woes of life.

The motive of Masakali 2.0 Video

Delhi-6, released back in 2009, gave us one of the most beautiful love anthems- Masakali. Music Maestro A.R. Rahman composed the track, with Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics brought to life by Mohit Chauhan’s melodious voice. The original Masakali managed to strike a chord with the audience. On April 8, 2020, Masakali 2.0 surfaced as a remix to the original song.

Masakali 2.0 has received mixed reviews from both critics and audience, with some criticising it for ruining the authenticity of the original Masakali song and music video. Criticism arose even from the original creators of the song, including A.R. Rahman and Prasoon Joshi. Netizens have been active in their criticism of the Masakali 2.0 remake, referring to it as a ‘tight slap to the face’. Some tweeted saying “Two minutes of silence for T-Series and Masakali 2.0 remix team”. These tweets and comments only signify that majority of the population is against classic songs being remade into tacky dance numbers, since musicians working currently are unable to find any original content that might pass off as acceptable.

Song Masakali 2.0

All the original songmakers’ comments on the remake have been crowdsourced, with the public hailing the remake as a poor attempt to remix the original.

Masakali 2.0 has also been a victim of numerous memes online, with many upcoming musicians like Ankur Tewari criticising the remake.

The official video of the song has also been criticised for having ruined the purity and beauty of the original Masakali video, which featured Sonam Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan in their respective roles set against the beautiful backdrop of Delhi-6.

Some have also recognised the Masakali 2.0 remix as another attempt by Tanishq Bagchi to get fame through a pre-existing song without putting in the same amount of effort and energy as the original song, just like he did with another one of A.R. Rahman’s songs, Humma Humma. However, while Rahman praised Humma Humma for being catchy and having a good beat, he has shown disapproval at the remake of Masakali.

Now that a long list of original songs like Dilbar, Laila Laila, Ek Ladki ko Dekha toh Aisa Laga and so on has been part of our playlist for so long, Masakali 2.0, sadly has been added to the list of songs that are not working with the public. Though some songs have been received well, Masakali 2.0 has lagged behind. Not only the authenticity of the original song has been destroyed, but also the beauty of the original video has been ruined. In this time of uncertainty when art is all that is holding us up, instead of promoting new artists and upcoming genres of music, Bollywood composers are finding it easier to remake songs which are already floating on the internet-verse. Haven’t heard it yet? Catch a Masakali 2.0 Mp3, and judge whether you fall on its positive side or negative!

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