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‘Mocha coffee at home’ – most of the recent google searches around us will be loaded with this phrase. We were eagerly looking forward to this date – 3rd May, 2020, for the nationwide lockdown to end, and hoping for the things to slowly get back on normal. But as the global pandemic of coronavirus is showing very less signs of weakening, and has affected our own country too, there was no option left but to extend the lockdown. And of course, the extended lockdown comes with extended boredom, extended binge-watching, extended reading, and much more.

Everyone is trying to find more and more ways of recreation and entertainment, to keep their spirits high in the emotionally stressful lockdown period. And through these number of activities that everyone is doing, a new series of trends are emerging – the ‘quarantine trends.’ Be it making music videos, playing fun games with your neighbors through the galleries, making the sensationally trending Dalgona coffee, or sharing messages of ‘stay home, stay safe’ – quarantine trends are covering almost all aspects of our locked-down lives. And another of such emerging trend could be the mocha coffee.

The Mocha Coffee

Mocha Coffee - Trending Coffee

Coffee – our heart skips a beat when we hear this word. We are crazy after chai and coffee, so crazy that skipping a meal for one time is ok, but skipping a coffee – NO! while being locked down inside our homes, we are desperately in search of something that will accompany us and soothe our senses. And a coffee, with some book to read or a movie to watch, is a perfect combination.

Despite it being the epitome of the summer season, and the temperature around us rising as high as 38 and 40 degrees every day, we can’t think of missing a coffee for even a single day. And if not a hot coffee, we will go for cold coffee at least, but we just can’t imagine our damn life without this thing.

 Mocha coffee alias café mocha alias mocaccino alias mochaccino (SO MANY NAMES for a single beverage!) is basically an upgraded version of hot coffee, or even the hot chocolate. It’s a type of chocolate latte coffee, which is almost like cappuccino, with a rich milk froth and hot chocolate served at the top.

With Dalgona coffee becoming the latest internet sensation, people have started exploring various other types of coffees that they can make at home, and kill their boredom with some spice of creativity. And mocha coffee is now gearing up to join the list. Making mocha coffee at home is quite an easy task to do, so you can surely opt for it if you are too bored to follow the ongoing trend as well.

History of Mocha Coffee

Mocha Coffee - Trending Coffee

Just as every region has a unique identity and history of its own, the Yemenis have a rich cultural history of coffee cultivation. And the history of mocha coffee, also, is related to Yemen. It was during the early 15th century that the Yemenis started drinking, cultivating and producing coffee.

The art of making coffee was limited up to them only until the arrival of Dutch, who took the coffee with them, for the world. It was the flourishing port of Al-Makha, in the Ottoman Yemen, from whom the coffee derived its name – the Al-Makha, over time, became Mocha, our very own mocha coffee. it soon reached to all parts of the world, thereby becoming everyone’s favorite mochaccino.

Mocha Coffee Recipe

As said earlier, making a mocha coffee at home is not a big deal – you just need some easily available stuff to make this coffee at your home, during the quarantined mood. The ingredients required are:

  • 1 cup hot brewed coffee
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 tablespoon warm water or milk

The step-by-step mocha coffee recipe for making a mocha coffee at home will go as follows:

  • Mix the sugar, cocoa powder, and warm water or milk very well to form a creamy syrup.
  • Add this syrup to your brewed coffee
  • Finally, add some warm boiled milk to it, according to the taste. THAT’S IT!

You can make a café-like mocha rich mocha coffee at home, using these simple steps. Though for garnishing, you can also add some chocolate syrup, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or even some marshmallows over it, let’s not discuss it over here as it may worsen your quarantine mood of “I don’t have anything at my home!”. Remember that the cocoa powder + sugar syrup will give the rich taste of chocolate topping to your mocha coffee, to make it well.

Mocha Coffee Dishes

Mocha Cake - Trending Dish

There are several variants in a mocha coffee – the main 3 include white café mocha, mochaccino with espresso, or mocha coffee with a coffee base instead of espresso. The best thing about a mocha coffee is always its topping – the skillful use of a sweetener like the ones mentioned above, and a rich creamy milk froth with some added hot-chocolate adds to the taste of this coffee. Thanks to the creative minds, people have also started preparing a number of mocha coffee dishes at their home, with the mocha coffee cake being the most favorite, and topping the charts.

If you check online, a normal pack of good-quality mocha coffee powder is available for around 200 to 300 rupees on leading online shopping sites. But as we are compelled to stay at home, and need to find some creative way out of boring stuff around us, you can postpone the idea of buying a mocha coffee powder and work on making the mocha coffee at home instead.

So, guys, let’s begin with it! With the trend of Dalgona coffee already on the verge of becoming a cliché trend for 2020, we already have a new option ready with us – the mocha coffee! It’s better late than never, so make your mocha coffee and enjoy your book/movie, sitting on your favourite sofa, or near your balcony, hoping for the best to happen soon! What else? I have already said so ‘moch’!

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