13 reasons Why season 4

Bored at home due to this wide lockdown and also intending to watch something fulfill of all the drama, teenage stuff, love, betrayal, mystery, dark side of life, and suspense. Don’t be surprised all these qualities are being shown a big hit web series of Netflix originals named 13 Reasons why.

Now that it has done 3 amazing hits and hyped serials it’s the time of the fourth season to untangle some mystery and to talk about the real punishment. The 13 reasons why the release has been declared by the producers. The streaming of the same will be done on the number one application to kill your boredom and watch anything of vast genres, Netflix.

About 13 reasons Why season 4

13 reasons Why season 4

Before unveiling the whole plot and idea of the series it is important to note that what all is important to be put up and what the whole story revolves around. So, it is about a high school girl named, Hannah Baker who has committed suicide at an early age. This trauma has vividly affected the whole school, her friends, parents, and most to a boy named, Clay Jenson. Hannah Baker is the protagonist of the web series in all the seasons followed by Clay Jenson.

Briefly telling you about the three reasons would be, before dying Hannah made some tapes and those tapes were about why she committed suicide. The 13 tapes contain all the main people around her because of whom she has committed suicide. The season 2 of the series revolves around Clay Jenson trying to know more of her death and the court trials as they have reached to the cops.

Hence, it becomes very serious and is mostly having court scenes and the background that Hannah took such a harsh decision on herself. The third season is centered on the verdict on a boy named, Tyler Down whom after long supervision as he has done something big in season 2. You need to get into this if you know the early seasons well.

13 Reasons Why Season 4 Plot:

The 13 reasons why season 4 plot is also controversial as it revolves around the suspects and how have they manipulated the situations so amazingly in the past. It becomes really important in the 4th season to know how the murderer of another lead actor, Bryce Walker is. This season s again having colors of mystery, sexual assault, peer pressure, teenage problems, bullying, pressure, depression, and also drug abuse. 

The season also contemplates every lead person in Hannah’s suicide and now also Bryce’s murder. It is again set up in the Liberty High School, police station. Chapter 4 will make it clear what happens to all of the students of the high school. Not much description of 13 reasons why season 4 plot to be given otherwise the viewers may lose interest in watching the same.

13 Reasons Why Season 4 Cast

13 reasons Why season 4

The actors mainly in the previous season will almost remain the same. The 13 reasons why season 4 cast is really into their characters and have portrayed themselves so spectacularly. 

  • As Dylan Minnette, an extremely happening adult playing the role of Clay Jenson in the series wherein he is hallucinating the whole crime scene in front of his eyes. He is also the lead role who knows who did the same. He has liked the protagonist, Hannah, and was also hallucinating about her in the previous seasons. And now I the season 4 of the same series he is having hallucinations of the dead boy, Monty.
  • Christian Navarro who is playing the role of a fagot, Tony Padilla. He was close to Hannah and knew of all those tapes in the first position. The appearance of this character is necessary as he is with Clay Jenson and they have come up with everything together. He is shown as a high school student and also a car mechanic.
  • Alisha Bose as Jessica Davis is another main character in the series. With her Brandon Flynn as Justin Foley, Grace Saif as Ani Achola, Miles Heizer as Alex Standall, Josh Hamilton as Mr. Jenson, Justin Prentice as Bryce Walker, and Ross Butler as Zach Dempsey and Devin Druid as Tyler Dorn are several important and crucial characters of this season. Again, 13 reasons why season 4 cast is meant to be the most accurate as they have depicted such big issues with comfortability.

 13 Reasons Why Season 4 Release Date

Netflix, the application on which this series has been streamed to has confirmed the 13 reasons why season 4 release date to be 5th June 2020 i.e. Friday.

They have also disclosed the fact that this season will be the final season of the series and that it will be shorter than the rest of the seasons. It will include just 10 episodes and not 13 likes in the rest seasons. These are not just 13 reasons for justice and telling us the whole message about it but have counted up to 39 reasons to watch the same.

13 Reasons Why 4 Trailers

The trailer of the same season is administering that how Monty was rightly framed for the murder he has not eve done. The trailer shows this that the lead is strangling to get out of this murder but more efforts they are putting into this deeper are they getting into it. 13 reasons why season 4 trailer was released on 20th May 2020. The trailer itself showed how the next level, thrilling and interesting is this season going to be. Though the finale of season 3 shows how emotionally they said goodbyes to each other. But BANG! Here comes another twist in the story. 13 reasons why season 4 trailer never fails you to crave for another season.

13 Reasons Why Season 4 Theories

13 reasons Why season 4

As the series is coming to an end and many questions are put forth that need to be resolved. There is for sure a thrilling and astonishing twist coming up in this season. And the fans are also really hyped and excited about the same. So, to keep their fans in zeal and enthusiasm they will need to put up something strange. Though there are speculations that Justin will die in season 4. But these all are just 13 reasons why season 4 theories; let’s see what does the series brigs to its viewers.

Lastly, it’s better to wait and keep speculating our minds what new will the series bring to us. 13 reasons why season 4 coming has been the hot and burning question and very teenager and adults are talking of the same. The 13 reasons why season 4 release is awaited because in this time of pandemic people are short of good content, whereas this is the best. The story revolves around bullying and how can it torture someone to commit suicides or crimes.

The story of these fellows can help the troubled kids to talk about it to someone and get themselves free of such problems. It is important to retaliate to the surroundings and know is somebody close to you is feeling so it’s your sole responsibility to help him. 13 reasons why season 4 trailer has made its viewer really and happy and they are expecting the same from the series. The 13 reasons why season 4 coming is awaited and let’s see how many strings are untangled.

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